LEDs By The Foot

High-Intensity LED Lights by the Foot are here! If your application calls for custom lengths of LEDs, our LED lights by the foot are for you. Our LEDS by the Foot are ideal for non-motorcycle applications such as golf carts, ATVs, boats, RVs, trucks and even some home accent lighting applications (e.g. patios, pools, gazebos, bar lighting, cabinets, etc.). We're now offering our popular multi-color (RGB) Value Series™ sealed, low-profile LED lights in lengths ranging from one foot to up to a maximum of 16 feet. They're available with WHITE PCB (printed circuit board) backing and BLACK PCB backing. They are IP65 rated which means they can withstand low pressure jets of water from all directions. These are 5050 high-intensity LEDs powered by 12vdc and will work with our Fireworks Multi-Color Zone Remote as well as our iOS/Android smartphone app/controller and an all new control box that allows a single color to be displayed on RGB multi-color lights. For 110vac applications we offer a 110vac to 12vdc 60w power converter. If you have any questions on what to purchase for your application, drop us a note or give us a call.