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Gold Wing Motorcycle LED Light Kit

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UPC: 812928020127
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UPC: 812928020127
Warranty: Original Owner Three (3) Year Warranty on the LEDs and Controller
AMPS: Full strip draws only .49amps
Light Strip Dimenisons: Full strip 20"L x 3/8"W x 1/8"H
Price as Configured
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Multi-Color Gold Wing Motorcycle LED Light Kit | 300 LEDs

Now with 40% more LEDs. Introducing our Hi-Intensity Multi-Color GOLD WING LED Light Kit. This kit will light your Gold Wing from front to back. Built on our Hi-Intensity Motorsports LED strips, these strips have more LEDs per inch than comparable strips on the market today. More LEDs means more light shining on your bike! This kit uses a new and improved configuration of our Value and Premium Series LED strips with 40% more LEDs. Built with two ounce copper PCB, the brightest 5050 LEDs available and 1.2mm of genuine 3M® VHB double sided tape, these LED strips are made tough for motor sports applications. Impressively bright, our Hi-Intensity LED strips are thin so they can barely be seen when attached to your bike. They produce a smooth, even glow of light. This kit lights your bike with any of seven different colors and animate them with special effects using the included wireless RF remote control. Original owner lifetime warranty on the LED strips. Many upgrade options too including Bluetooth wireless controller along with adding more lights. 

NOTE ON RETURN POLICY FOR THIS PRODUCT:  Return Policy Exception Notice. This kit subject to a 35% restocking fee due to the amount of time associated with producing this kit, shipping costs and the custom nature. Be sure to read our RETURN POLICY for details.


Our Hi-Intensity Multi-Color GOLD WING LED light kit includes TEN - 30 LED light strips; each strip is about 20" long with a 36", 4 conductor power lead soldered on each end of the strip. You can use the entire strip of 30 LEDs - OR - the LED strips are designed to be cut every 3 LEDs to fit most any space you want to light. The following LED segments and lengths are possible:

3 LEDs - 2.5"
6 LEDs - 4.5"
9 LEDs - 6.38"
12 LEDs - 8.38"
15 LEDs - 10.25"
18 LEDs - 12.25"
21 LEDs - 15.25"
24 LEDs - 16.13"
27 LEDs - 18.13"
30 LEDs - 20"

*When cutting, be sure to seal the end with liquid electrical tape or similar substance to keep from shorting out when wet.

Ten - 30 LED hi-intensity RGB LED light strips with a 36" power lead hardwired on each end.
Your choice of PLUS Series or SUPER Series LED controllers. See controller options details on the OPTIONS TAB.
Complete wiring kit with push button on/off switch, promoter and installation instructions. Everything you need to install all the lights in this kit
Original Owner Three Year Warranty on the LEDs and the controller
Return Policy Exception Notice. This kit subject to a 35% restocking fee due to the amount of time associated with producing this kit, shipping costs and the custom nature. See return policy for complete details.

NOTE: Our PLUS series LED Controller can power up to 300 LEDs. If you're going to be adding additional LEDs to your system, be sure to select the SUPER LED Controller which can power up to 900 LEDs.

Wireless Controller Options

  • PLUS Series Controller: Rated to 300 LEDs - maybe more depending on your installation. This controller is offered with your choice of our popular RF wireless remote control (2 KEY FOBs included), our Bluetooth only wireless controller (use your own Bluetooth enabled smartphone) or our industry first COMBO Controller with provides both RF and Bluetooth capabilities in one controller. It measures 2-1/2" x 1-3/4" x 7/8". Also offered with the optional BRAKE FLASH feature.
  • SUPER Series Controller: We took this up another notch. Rated to 900 LEDs - maybe more depending on your installation. Perfect for Gold Wings and those who pull a trailer and want it lit up. Also works great on golf carts, cars, trucks or any vehicle requiring numerous strips or rolls of lights. This controller is offered with our industry first COMBO Controller which provides both RF (Key Fobs) and Bluetooth capabilities in one controller. The controller is a bit larger at 4-1/4" x 2-1/4" x 7/8". Also offered with the optional BRAKE FLASH feature.

Optional Brake Light Interface

We offer a BRAKE LIGHT INTERFACE on the PLUS and SUPER version controllerS. The optional BRAKE LIGHT INTERFACE includes circuitry that when connected to the brake light circuit, will turn multi-color accent lights to red whenever the brakes are engaged. Its a great motorcycle safety feature to make sure you're seen. Based on our popular Multi-Function FIREWORKS controller, features include color switching, blending, strobe, breathing, and flashing functions. Includes two wireless RF FOB's. 

Note:  The Brake Light Interface + Bluetooth controller is now available in both the PLUS and SUPER Combo versions which includess both Bluetooth + RF wireless remote control.

Note: Our controllers have built in protection against overload, short circuit or reverse polarity situations. If it detects any problems the controller will shutdown and not function until the fault is repaired. While these are rated for a specific number of LED's your particular installation may affect the actual number of LED's you can run on these controllers.

If you prefer a WIRED controller option (vs wireless), we offer several alternatives to our wireless controllers. Here's a link to our WIRED CONTROLLERS. Let us know know you would prefer a WIRED controller and we'll adjust the price for you.

Why Upgrade to Bluetooth?

With any of the Boogey Lights® BLUETOOTH controllers you can control your lights with your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Android or IOS smartphone. These high-tech controllers are capable of displaying 16 million different color combinations (versus 7 with our standard RF remote). In addition, lighting effects on the Smartphone controller are signficantly more controllable in terms of speed and intensity. Each color and lighting effect is controlled by "sliders" or a color square on your smartphone screen so you can adjust the speed and intensity to get the lighting exactly the way you want it. Also, all of our Bluetooth Combo controllers include an RF remote control allowing for quick on/off of the controller. You can operate this controller with the included RF wireless remote (KEY FOB remote included) OR you can use your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone and our free smartphone APP (Android and IOS). Also, with our new SERIES 2 firmware, you get our popular PROGRAMMABLE COLOR ROTATION feature that allows you to program which colors you wish to display and then have those colors rotate through a sequence you define. Bluetooth also gives you the ability to save up to three of your favorite color and feature configurations that can be recalled at the press of a button. We offer a variety of Bluetooth controllers for just about any application. We even offer a COMBO controller that includes both Bluetooth and RF remote control in one easy to use controller.


More About the Boogey Lights® Bluetooth Smartphone APP


BLUETOOTH: Original Firmware vs Series 2 Firmware

With the introduction of our SERIES 2 controller firmware the Boogey Lights® Bluetooth APP and controller offer the ability to program the controller to display two or three colors of your choice and then rotate those colors in sequence. For example, let's say it's Fourth of July and you want your lights to rotate through the color sequence of RED, WHITE and BLUE . Or, perhaps your favorite sports team's colors are Red and White and you want your RV or motorcycle to continually rotate through a color sequence of RED and WHITE. This SERIES 2 firmware controller and smartphone APP will do that - and more. You can for instance vary the speed of the sequence as well as the brightness. You can also choose from one of two different sequencing effect modes: BREATHING or ROLLING. Additionally, you can save these configurations in up to 3 presets such that you're able to recall the lighting configuration with a press of a button. This functionality only works when using your Bluetooth device - not with the included RF wireless remote control.

We offer the Original Bluetooth Firmware controller at a reduce price because it does not offer the color rotation programming capabilility included in the SERIES 2. The Original Firmware version however is still a very capable Bluetooth LED Controller. You can for example control your LED lights using your smartphone to select from up to 16 million color combinations, flashing, strobing, breathing, color changing, dimming and on/off. There are three preset options too which allow you to save your favorite light settings. The Original Bluetooth Firmware is a great option for the budget conscious shopper who wants Bluetooth connectivity but wants to save some money.


COMBO RF + BLUETOOTH. Smartphone BLUETOOTH and RF Wireless Combined In ONE Controller. Our new COMBO controller combines the best of our RF and Bluetooth controllers into one simple to use controller. You can operate this controller with the included RF wireless Key FOBs OR you can use your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone and our free smartphone APP (Android and IOS). They work interchangeably. With the included Key FOBs you get all of the functionality of our popular Fireworks Multi-Function Remote Control that allows you to change between 7 colors and functions of on/off, blending, strobing, breathing, flashing and fading. You can also use your Bluetooth enabled smartphone to create that custom look with over 16 million different color combinations plus three pre-sets. This new COMBO Bluetooth + RF controller is offered in our PLUS, SUPER and HEAVY DUTY controller models.

Typical Installation

The typical installation locations based on our dealer feedback is shown below. Note you may have some unusable segments left over if you go by this layout depending upon placement. This is merely a suggested layout. It's your bike so light it up as you wish. We always suggest temporarily laying out your lights (aka 'dry fitting') before you permanently attach them to your bike. This kit works for 2001-Present GL1800 and 2013+ F6B. Keep in mind that the maximum number of LEDs the PLUS controller can power is 300. If you decide to add more lights to your configuration, be sure to upgrade to the SUPER controller which has a max capacity of 900 LEDs. Note that the above photo has a 'ring of fire' led light affixed to the front wheel which is not a Boogey Lights product.  While this kit is designed for the DIYer, there is some minimum skill level required to do the installation.  For example, you need to have a basic understanding of 12vdc power and related wiring.  You'll also need to be able to remove (and re-install) the plastics as well as safely mount the LED strips and route the related wires on the bike so they don't interfere with other functions.  We also recommend that you have an adequate place available to do the installation and not be rushed.   

Here's the suggested locations:

  • Front Wheel - Use one segment inside the front fender on each side above the curve.
  • Fairing - Use one LED segment under the fairing above the front fender.
  • Windshield Garnish - Use an LED segment above the slit for 2001-2010 and a shorter one on 2011+ and F6B models.
  • Front Air Vents - Use one LED segment each side. Fish wire from vent near knee. Works for the 2001-2010 only.
  • Fairing above cylinder heads - Use one LED segment each side under the fairing directly above the cylinders.
  • Radiator Grills - Use one LED segment each side. Install on the center section shining at the radiators. Use an LED segment on top and on bottom. For F6B models there you can also fit an LED segment to mount on the middle.
  • Boomerang Frame - Use an LED segment each side. Install on the plastic shelter above and shine down onto the frame.
  • Side Cover - Use an LED segment each side. Install behind side cover opening.
  • Top Trunk - Use an LED segment in the recess in front of each side bag release levers and in the release lever well for the top lid.
  • OPTIONAL - Some will create a windshield glow by adding a full strip at the base of the windshield shining straight into the edge. Works with clear screens only though. Check out the Wing shown to see what a windshield glow looks like.

The above is a suggested layout - install the strips to your liking. While each LED strip power lead needs to connect to the LED controller, you can run feeder wire and connect multiple strips together.  For example, the strips on the front of the bike can connect together to one feeder wire if so desired to make the installation easier and then run that feeder wire back to the LED controller.  You may need to purchase additional 4 conductor cable in this case which we offer for sale or can be purchased at most big box home improvement stores.  Just be sure to purchase 20awg or heavier wire for the feeder cable.  Note: It is important to remember that the strips can be cut one time in groups of 3 LEDs. That means after you cut it you will now have one of the following configurations:

  • 3 LED strip & 27 LED strip
  • 6 LED strip & 24 LED strip
  • 9 LED strip & 21 LED strip
  • 12 LED strip & 18 LED strip
  • 15 LED strip & 15 LED strip

These lights will also work well on a Can-Am Spyder. Order some extra strips until you get the coverage you want.

NOTE: We always recommend dry fitting or temporarily mounting the lights before installation to make sure you get the look you want. The suggestions above are our recommendations. The final mounting location for the lights comes down to your personal preference. So put them where it makes sense to you and for your bike.

Sealed, Flexible Strips

The LEDs on our HI-INTENSITY strips are sealed against the elements. They are heat resistant, waterproof and easily cleaned for a lifetime of maintenance free operation. The soft, gel-like strips provide maximum flexibility and a clean and sleek appearance. Their low profile design makes them virtually invisible when placed on the bottom of your tank and their wide viewing angle floods your bike with light.

Each strip has a 36" power lead which is hard wired to each end of the strip. If you need to cut a strip, be sure to cut where indicated on the strip (ever 3 LEDs) and make sure you seal the cut end with liquid electrical tape or something similar to keep water from shorting out the strip. A wrong cut in the wrong place or not sealing the cut end properly will void your warranty. Call us if you are unsure where to make your cut.

Waterproof Black Quick Connector Options

The answer to future routine maintenance. Add these Waterproof Black Quick Connectors to your kit. Install inline on your tank wiring, breather, bags, side panels etc. Wherever future maintenance may require access.