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Heavy Duty LED Whips

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UPC: 812928023326
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NEW PRODUCT!   We finally did it. BOOGEY LIGHTS® Heavy Duty LED whips are here! Actually they're more of a LIGHT STICK than a 'whip' but we'll stick with the 'Whip' term for now. No, this is not your father's off-road LED whip. Far from it. For years folks have asked why we didn't produce an LED whip. Our response was simple, there already are hundreds - perhaps even thousands of companies producing flexible LED whips for use on off-road vehicles. The market doesn't need another me-too flexible LED whip. Scroll down to learn what makes these whips different than anything else on the market. (btw ... this product is a LIGHTED LED WHIP -- it is not an antenna.) Scroll down to view some short videos of these whips in action. One is mounted on a Volvo 780 semi truck, one is mounted on a 2024 Western Star 57x semi-truck, one on a 2015 Freightliner Cascadia and another is mounted on a Polaris RZR PRO 4 side-by-side.

NOTE: The default price is for ONE LED WHIP. If you want to order a pair of them, change the PACKAGING option to TWO LED WHIPS.


What's different is that BOOGEY LIGHTS® Heavy Duty LED Whips are not flexible and they're not designed primarily for off-road use. While there's certainly no reason you can't use these for off-road use (add a spring mount), they're just not what you typically see on off-road vehicles. Boogey Lights® Heavy Duty LED whips are just that - HEAVY DUTY. They're stout. They're thick. They're robust. And, they're durable. They do not flex (unless mounted on a spring) and the longest is 3'.

Designed for use primarily on semi-trucks and RVs, these 2' and 3' whips can be mounted on a mirror bracket (semi-trucks - similiar to how a CB antenna is mounted) or on a ladder or similar upright in the case of RVs. They can also be mounted on bumpers assuming you have the vertical clearance. Additionally, there are hundreds of after-market mounting systems that can be used with these whips making them mountable on just about anything. Our patent pending non-mechanical quick-release base makes removing the whip easy if needed. Of course, there's nothing that says you can only use these on RVs and Semi-Trucks. No reason you can't also add them to tow trucks, golf carts, pickup trucks, boats and yes -- even SXS and off-road vehicles as shown in the below photo.

Boogey Lights Heavy Duty 3' LED Whip mounted on a Polaris RZR Pro 4


  • Heavy Duty, 12vdc, 1" diameter hand-laid fiberglass carrier with unique fiberglass net woven on top makes these whips rigid and durable. They're made specifically for Boogey Lights® to our exacting standards. When used as directed, they will not break.
  • Quick-Release non-mechanical base allows for fast and easy removal if needed. The coupler base includes a 1.75" long bolt (3/8" diameter) that allows the base to be mounted to just about any sturdy surface - or - hundreds of after market brackets or springs to fit just about any mounting location.
  • Uses Boogey Lights® 12vdc 5050 super bright hi-performance common cathode LEDs. The very same LEDs Boogey Lights® is famous for. The LEDs used on these whips are an exact color match for the LEDs in our light kits.
  • The 2' version contains 129 super bright LEDs. The 3' version contains 213 super bright LEDs. Each RGB LED Chip contains 3 diodes. The RGBA LED Chip contains 4 diodes.
  • Can be wired to an existing Boogey Lights® 12vdc LED lighting system - OR - start new. They're compatible with Boogey Lights® RGB and RGBx LED Controllers.
  • Available in RGB, RGBA, 5 Single Colors and 4 Dual Color formats. The RGBA version is ideal for use on commercial vehicles where having a DOT compliant AMBER color matters. The Single Color and Dual Color versions do not require a controller to operate. They do of course require some type of on/off switch.
  • When paired with a Boogey Lights RF + Bluetooth wireless COMBO controller, they'll display up to 16 million colors (RGB) and even more if you're using RGBA. With the included RF wireless remote you get all of the functionality to change between 7 pre-set colors (Red, Green, Blue, White, Light Blue, Lime Green/Yellow, Hot Pink/Purple) and functions of on/off, blending, strobing, breathing, flashing, fading and dimming. The Bluetooth interface offers even greater control including the ability to custom blend for up to 16 million color possibilities, presets to save your most used settings, color programming (2 and 3 colors), countdown timer, time of day timer and zone segmentation (1 or 2 lighting zones). Click the Bluetooth APP and Controllers navigation button on this product page for more details on these capabilities.
  • Optional quick-release water proof connectors available for easy removal of the whip's power lead.
  • Optional mirror mount options.
  • Complete SPECIFICATIONS can be found by clicking on the SPECIFICATIONS navigation tab on this product page.


The Quick-Release base included with the whip comes with a bolt (nut + washer too) that can be mounted directly to a hard surface that is sturdy enough to support the whip. The bolt can also be easily removed and replaced with a different size/length bolt if desired. This however may not be sufficient for all mounting applications. We offer a couple of optional mirror mounting solutions as follows:

  • Single Groove, Horizontal & Vertical. This mount can be used both horizontally and vertically. The rear backing plate can be rotated to fit either option. See photo of this mount in the product photo carousel.
  • Double Groove, Horizontal. This mount can only be used horizontally. This is the mount we use on our semi-truck installations. You can see a photo of this mount in the product photo carousel.

Important to note that we offer the above two mounting solutions as a convenience. We do not manufacture these mounts and candidly, they can be purchased elsewhere for less. There are literally hundreds of after-market mounting solutions for whips, antennas, flag poles and the like that our Quick-Release base can mount to. For example, for semi-truck mirror mounting applications, there are a wide variety of mounting brackets available; some are specific to a truck year/make/model, and others are more generic in nature.

For semi-truck applications, we suggest checking with the folks at RANEY'S TRUCK PARTS first if you want a mount specific to your truck. For example, if you have a 2018 or newer Freightiner Cascadia, we like to use this set of CB Antenna Mounting Brackets. You'll need both the driver's side and passenger's side bracket. It works well for the newer Freightliner mirror structures. If you have a 2008 to 2017 Freightliner Cascadia, this CB Antenna Mounting bracket set will work well. If you're looking for a spring and/or universal mount, you have a lot more options. Some choices include: ETrailer, WestMarine, EBay and of course, Amazon. Companies that manufacture heavy duty mirror mounts include RoadPro, Pro Trucker, ProComm and T whip in a location tram. Many of them also offer a heavy duty spring mount if you're looking for some flexibility. Just make sure you're purchasing a mount capable of supporting the length and weight. If you're going to be mounting thehat is likely to be impacted by tree limbs or similiar (common in off-road scenarios), we strongly suggest mounting the base to a spring first so the whip can move if hit.

On the Western Star 57x truck you see in the photo gallery of this product page we mounted the whip base directly to the mirror mount. The 57x mirror mount however is flat and very sturdy which made the installation easy to do. Most semi truck mirror brackets are round which typically requires the use of a mounting bracket that clamps around the mirror mount and then the whip base mounts to that bracket.

Wiring and Mounting information can be downloaded from our site directly.


The RGB and RGBA whips require a Boogey Lights LED controller to operate (the single color and dual-color don't).The RGB/RGBA LEDs in these whips are common cathode LEDs. They require a positively switch LED controller to function. If you are adding the whip to an existing Boogey Lights lighting system and that system is RGB, chances are you already have the LED controller you need. If you don't have a Boogey Lights LED controller, you'll need one to operate the whip. We offer the following three LED controller options:

  • Single Zone Super GEN2 RGBx RF + Bluetooth COMBO LED controller. Maximum capacity is 900 RGB LEDs and 600 x LEDs.
  • Single Zone Heavy Duty GEN2 RGBx RF + Bluetooth COMBO LED controller. Maximum capacity is 1800 RGB LEDs and 1200 x LEDs.
  • Dual Zone Heavy Duty GEN2 RGBx RF + Bluetooth COMBO LED controller. Maximum capacity is 1500 RGB LEDs and 1200 x LEDs - per zone (3000 RGB / 2400 x LEDs total).

The CONTROLLERS navigation tab on this product page explains more about these three controller options including more details on the lighting features and Bluetooth integration.



Short video showing two - 3' Heavy Duty LED whips mounted on this 2024 Western Star 57X. The truck has our DUAL COLOR Green + Amber lighting system installed which includes our UNDER-GLOW, GRILL and UNDER-CAB light kits. The LED whips are wired into the same system and operate using the same switches.


Brief video showing two - 3' Heavy Duty LED whips mounted on a POLARIS RZR PRO 4. In this installation the mounts are adjustable so the whips can be positioned as the customer wants.


Quick video showing two whips with our Bluetooth Dual Zone LED controller. One is wired to zone one. The other is wired to zone two. We're using our two color rotation feature built into the Bluetooth APP to show a flashing sequence of RED and BLUE; 180 degrees apart. When zone 1 is showing red, zone 2 is showing blue (and vise versa). It's a fan favorite. Of course you shouldn't be driving down the road like this but it gives you an idea of the possibilities. There's also a three color rotation feature which is commonly used for displaying RED - WHITE - BLUE. Another fan favorite.


Short video showing two, 2' Heavy Duty LED Whips mounted to this 2015 Volvo VNL780. We use the heavy duty horizonal double groove mirror mounts. The truck has our Dual Zone Heavy Duty LED controller with Quick Switch to trigger just AMBER for DOT compliance. Zone 1 operates the LED Whips. Zone 2 operates the Grill, Air Vent and Under-Cab light kits. The whips use our RGB+Amber (RGBA) LED technology.


Simple demonstration of the whips using our Bluetooth Dual Zone LED controller with the Quick-Switch feature. In this short video the whips are flashing red and blue opposite cycling and when the quick-switch is activated, the whips instantly turn off the red/blue sequence and only display DOT compliant amber. The Combo LED controller provides both RF wireless and Bluetooth control. Some of the more popular features include strobing, flashing, blending and breathing functions - all of which can be programmed and saved in presets. For a complete list of features and capabilities, click on the CONTROLLERS navigation tab that appears on this product page.

What's Included

One (or Two) LED Whips with quick-release coupler base in the color format (RGB, RGBA, Single Color, Dual Color) and length (2' or 3') you select.
Optional Boogey Lights® LED Controller
Optional Quick-Disconnects
Optional Mirror Mounts
One Year Original Owner Warranty



  • 2' Whip is 25.5" long, weighs 1.1 lbs and contains 129 LEDs. 1" diameter. Quick-Release base is 3" tall.
  • 3' Whip is 37.5" long, weighs 1.8 lbs and contains 213 LEDs. 1" diameter. Quick-Release base is 3" tall.
  • Amperage: A single 2' whip will draw 1.6 amps on full brightness white assuming 12.5 vdc input and 1.8 amps if 13.5 vdc input. Colors other than white draw less (see chart below).
  • Amperage: A single 3' whip will draw 2.7 amps on full brightness white assuming 12.5 vdc input and 3.3 amps if 13.5 vdc input. Colors other than white draw less (see chart below).
  • Whip has a 36" power lead cable. No connectors. They are hard wired OR if you purchase the optional quick-disconnect connectors, you can use those.
  • Operating input: 12vdc - 14vdc. If running on a vehicle with an alternator, be sure to account for the increase in voltage which increases the amperage. The LEDs will get brighter with higher voltage but so too does the amperage.
  • Boogey Lights® LED controller is required to operate.
  • Default quantity is ONE whip. If you want to order a pair, change the PACKAGING option to TWO LED WHIPS.
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