MEGA TNT Grenade

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AMPS: Each fixture draws only .07 amps
UPC Amber: 812928020417
UPC Blue: 812928020424
UPC Green: 812928020431
UPC Orange: 812928020448
UPC Red: 812928020455
UPC Teal: 812928020462
UPC White: 812928020479

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MEGA TNT Grenade

This is the answer to those who have a flat bottom tank!

One (1) - MEGA TNT Grenade in your choice of color
Life Time Original Owner Warranty

Attach with 3M Tape and Promoter. Don’t forget to order our 3M Double-Sided Tape and Promoter Kit to attach your pods to your bike. Using authentic 3M automotive adhesive tape ensures that these lights will stay where you put them for as long as you own your bike. One kit will attach up to 8 grenades.

Proudly Made In The USA

Made In The USA


Typical Installation

These LED grenades are the answer to those bikers who have a flat bottom tank similar to those found on Sportsters and Boss Hoss. Also perfect for anyone that has a flat surface and looking for a low profile solution to lighting below. Another option is to mount these on the bottom of your hand controls shining down lighting up the top of the tank when parked on the side stand.


Quick Specs

  • Each light pod includes 1 - 5050 LED
  • Stays cool to the touch (compare with other high-power small pods that run very hot)
  • Draws just 70 milliamps (.07 amps) of power
  • Low profile design for discreet installation
  • Physical dimensions: 1-1/2" Diameter x 1/4"H
  • 36" Black power lead with 22 gauge, 2-conductor wire (red and black)
  • Attaches with 3M double-sided VHB tape (sold separately)