Motorhome & Trailer Basement Lighting

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Motorhome & Trailer Basement Lighting

Upgrade your basement-storage lighting! As seen in the May 2017 edition of MOTORHOME MAGAZINE.

Most motorhomes and fifth wheel trailers these days have large, easy-to-access storage bays in the coach or trailer often referred to as "basements". Many pass all the way through the coach from one side to the other. One of the biggest problems with these large storage bays is the lack of sufficient lighting. If you've ever tried to dig through your storage bay at night or worse, along side the road at night, you probably have experienced the frustration first-hand. While some manufacturers offer storage bay lighting as an option, our experience has been that few stock lighting options are what we consider to be a fully functional lighting solution for these storage bays. Our slim profile surface mounted RV Basement lighting solution solves that problem. They are designed to easily install on the wall or ceiling of your storage bay and can usually tie into existing light switches. Our RV basement lighting solution can be customized too based on your specific needs. Each high-intensity LED strip comes with your choice of power lead length with industrial strength 3M adhesive tape mounted on the back. We also include a tube of 3M promoter to make sure the bond between the light strip and the wall/ceiling is permanent. If for any reason you need to shorten the length of the LED strip, Boogey Lights® surface mounted LEDs can be cut every three LEDs. Requires 12vdc power. LEDs have a three year original owner warranty.

Boogey Lights® surface mounted high-intensity White light LED strip in choice of length (36 leds, 72 leds or 108 leds)
Your choice of power lead length (2', 4' or 6')
Your choice of PCB color (black or white)
Alcohol wipe to prepare the area where the light strip will be mounted
3M promoter tube to ensure a tight bond.
Two zip tie mounts with ties for securing the power lead
Heat shrink tubing for sealing the end of the cut end if you need to cut the LED strip
Two Posi-Twist wire nuts

Kit Options


  • Surface Mounted WHITE LED strip lengths: 2' (36 leds), 4' (72 leds) and 6' (108 leds)
  • Power Lead Lengths: 2', 4' and 6'
  • PCB Color: Black and White
  • Push-Button Switch (optional add-on surface mounted push-button switch)