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RGBWW LED Controller with Wireless RF Remote

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UPC: 812928025368
size: 8.00 W × 8.00 H × 4.00 L
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This GEN 1 RGBWW LED Controller is no longer in production. We have limited quantities available. All other GEN 1 models are sold out. See our GEN 2 Bluetooth + RF COMBO Wireless LED Controller for all other options.

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What's so special about an RGBWW LED controller vs the standard RGB LED controller? An RGBWW LED chip contains five light emitting diodes: 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 warm white and 1 cool white.  It's the addition of these two variations of white diodes that makes the difference.    The RGBWW LED chip will not only produce all of the same colors as the standard 3 diode RGB LED chip, it can also produce warm white, neutral white and cool white all using the 2 extra white diodes.

But it gets even better; by mixing the warm white and cool white diodes with the RGB diodes it's possible to create additional variations of RGB light combinations. For example, you create softer shades of red that aren't possible with a standard RGB LED chip.  Also, by mixing equal parts of red, green and blue with the warm white diode and cool white diode, you can produce an incredibly bright white light not possible with a standard RGB LED chip. So now that you can choose from a wide range of color temperature and brightness we also added an additional two levels of dimming to our dimming feature. Our new RGB WW controller now includes 9 dimming modes vs 7 that are included in our standard RGB controller. This allows you to tailor the brightness of your lights to whatever atmosphere you'd like to set.

RGBWW LEDs are designed to give the user the best of both RGB multi-color and a spectrum of white with the WW diodes on one single LED light strip. While the LED controller will allow you to turn on both the RGB and WW diodes together, the strip is not designed for both RGB and WW to be used together for prolonged use. When operating your RGBWW LEDs, we do not suggest turning both the RGB and WW leds on at the same time particularly on the brightest white setting possible. The reason is that with all 5 diodes lit on the brightest setting, the heat generated from the LED chips will burn the epoxy poly-urethane coating on the strip from the inside out giving the coating a yellow appearance which will in turn, give the LED colors a permanent yellowish tint which cannot be reversed.

The Heavy Duty version of this controller includes the Extended Antenna Kit. This extension antenna includes two antennas; a 1.5" "stubby" antenna and a 5" magneticly mounted antenna with 16' extension cable. This antenna kit will in most cases, quadruple the range of our wireless remote controllers. In addition, if you're installing the LED controler in an area that is encased in metal (which makes it difficult for the RF signal to communicate), using this extension antenna kit will in most cases resolve any reception issues. The 16' extension cable gives you flexibility to mount the 5" whip antenna in the best location. Note that this extended antenna kit improves the reception of the RF wireless remote controls.

RGBWW LED Controller Capabilities

The Boogey Lights® RGBWW LED Controller will display seven RGB colors:


In addition to the RGB colors, the Boogey Lights® RGBWW LED Controller will also display these variations of WHITE:

  • WARM WHITE, NEUTRAL WHITE, COOL WHITE. View the video for this product to see examples of how these look.

The controller will allow you to control the RGB and the WW lights individually or you can mix them together. In addition, these lighting effects are available:


The Long Range M7 remote control offers nine levels lighting effects (e.g. 9 levels of dimming). The Long Range M7 RF remote uses one A27 12v alkaline battery (included with remote). Up to three Long Range M7 remotes may be paired with one controller.


The SUPER version has a maximum capacity of 600 RGBWW LEDs (2 - 300 LED strips).
The HEAVY DUTY version has a maximum capacity of 1200 RGBWW LEDs (4 - 300 LED strips).
Each RGBWW LED controller includes one LONG RANGE M7 RF wireless remote. Effective range is 50' to 100' depending upon operating environment.
RGBWW SUPER LED Controller Dimensions:  4-1/4" x 2-1/4" x 7/8".
RGBWW HEAVY DUTY LED Controller Dimensions:  5.5" long x 3.25" wide and 1.5" high. Note that the overall length to accommodate room for wires is 7.5".
Power Input Voltage:  12vdc
Power Input Wires: Two wires that connect to the 12vdc power source. Red is 12vdc positive. Black is 12vdc negative (ground). In-line blade fuse included.
Power Output Wires:  Six power output leads that connect to the RGBWW LED strip. BLACK (common ground), RED (red diode), GREEN (green diode), BLUE (blue diode), WHITE (warm white diode), GREY (cool white diode)
    Super LED Controller -> Approx 7 amps on full power (3.5 amps per 300 LED strip)
    Heavy Duty LED Controller -> Approx 15 amps on full power (3.5 amps per 300 LED strip)
Three year original owner warranty
Will only work with Boogey Lights® common cathode RGBWW LED strips.