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Voltage Regulator / Reducer 12vdc

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Step Down 12VDC Voltage Regulator / Reducer

Use this regulator for over-voltage protection on vehicles that have an alternator or other charging systems that are constantly charging the power source at a rate greater than 13vdc.

We typically use this voltage regulator when we're installing Boogey Lights® LED controllers/LEDs on a vehicle that has an alternator or other charging system that is constantly charging the 12vdc power source (usually house batteries) at a rate greater than 13vdc due to other 12vdc systems in use at the same time which are constantly drawing down the 12vdc power source. These situations are almost always on lighting installations where the number of LEDs is at or near the maximum limit for the LED controller which is typically 20 amps in these kind of installations. The most common scenario we see this is with large lighting systems installed on semi-trucks that run with their Boogey Lights® on all the time; usually these trucks have an extended sleeper (eg. ARI Legacy Sleeper or similiar) that have 12vdc powered appliances or systems installed in them (e.g. A/C unit, microwaves, etc) typically associated with an RV. In these larger lighting installations, the house batteries are constantly being charged at a rate of 13 to 14.5 vdc (or more) as the truck goes down the road. The 13v-14.5vdc charging input voltage will force the LEDs to burn brighter and draw more amperage than what the system and related wiring is rated for. This voltage regulator will take that higher input voltage (up to a max of 40vdc) and reduce it to a constant and safe 12vdc output thus keeping the amperage draw within specifications.

Input Voltage:  8vdc to 40vdc
Output Voltage:  12vdc
Amps:  Max amperage draw is 25 amps (300 watts)

Before connecting any wires be sure to verify all INPUT and OUTPUT power sources with a volt meter to confirm they are what you think they are.  Failure to do this could damage not only the voltage regulator but also any devices you're trying to hook up. NEVER REVERSE POLARITY. Only use with sufficiently sized wire gauge and fusing. This is not a Boogey Lights® product.  These voltage regulators can be purchased any number of places.  We offer it to customers as a convenience only.  We do not warranty or provide support for this device. We strongly suggest carefully reading the installation information that comes with this device (a copy of which you can read on this product page). This regulator cools by air-convection so good air flow around it is important. Protections include over-voltage, over-temperature, over-load and short-circuit. Auto-recovery when device is back to normal operating conditions.

Wiring Information:

  • RED wire goes to BATTERY + (this is your input power source positive and MUST be fused properly at the battery source)
  • BLACK wire goes to BATTERY - (this is your input power source negative)
  • BLACK wires goes to LED CONTROLLER negative (this is your LED controller negative/ground)
  • YELLOW wire goes to LED CONTROLLER positive (this goes to your LED controller fused 12vdc input wire)

    See wiring diagram and installation instructions for limitations and warnings.


1 - Voltage Reducer. Input: 8-40vdc. Output: 12vdc, 25A max
Output Rated Power: 300W
Case Operating Temperature: -40~85°C (-40~185°F)
Protections: Over-current, Over-voltage, Over-temperature, Over-load and Short-circuit, auto-recovery when device is back to normal operating.