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size: 2.00 W × 2.00 H × 2.00 L
Warranty: Original Owner Three (3) Year Warranty on the controller

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Bluetooth + RF COMBO Wireless LED Controller

We've done it again by bringing to market a BLUETOOTH and RF wireless capable multi-color RGB LED controller. This LED controller will work with your Android® or iOS® Smart phone equipped with Bluetooth 4.0. It will also work with your choice of the included RF wireless KEY FOBs or M7 Style remote. You get the best of both worlds.

BLUETOOTH and RF Wireless Combined In ONE Controller. Our COMBO controller for multi-color LEDS combines the best of our RF and Bluetooth LED controllers into one simple to use LED controller. You can operate this controller with your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smart phone and our free smart phone APP (Android and IOS) OR your choice of the included RF wireless KEY FOBS or M7 Style TV remote. With the included RF remote (Key FOBs or M7) you get all of the functionality of our popular Multi-Function RF wireless remote control that allows you to change between 7 pre-set colors (Red, Green, Blue, White, Light Blue, Lime Green/Yellow, Hot Pink/Purple) and functions of on/off, blending, strobing, breathing, flashing, fading and dimming. You can also use your Bluetooth enabled smart phone to create that custom look with over 16 million different color combinations plus three pre-sets.

Brake Flash Feature. With our PLUS and SUPER series COMBO BLUETOOTH + RF KEYFOB LED controllers we include Brake Flash circuit integration. With this feature the LED controller can be wired such that when the brake flash circuit is energized with 12vdc power, the LED controller immediately lights up just the LEDs wired to the RED power lead output coming from the LED controller. The idea is that when the brake lever (or pedal) is pressed on the vehicle, all the red leds (or whatever color LED you have wired to the red output) will light up. This is a popular safety option designed specifically for motorcycles. Note that the Brake Flash circuit does not have to be used. If you don't want to use the brake flash circuit, simply cap the brake flash input wire on the controller and forget about it. This feature is included with all PLUS and SUPER Key Fob Combo LED controllers.

SERIES 2 FIRMWARE: PROGRAMMABLE COLOR ROTATION. With the introduction of our SERIES 2 controller firmware the Boogey Lights® Bluetooth APP and controller offer the ability to program the controller to display two or three colors of your choice and then rotate those colors in sequence. For example, let's say it's Fourth of July and you want your lights to rotate through the color sequence of RED, WHITE and BLUE . Or, perhaps your favorite sports team's colors are Red and White and you want your RV or motorcycle to continually rotate through a color sequence of RED and WHITE. This SERIES 2 firmware controller and smart phone APP will do that - and more. You can for instance vary the speed of the sequence as well as the brightness. You can also choose from one of two different sequencing effect modes: BREATHING or ROLLING. Additionally, you can save these configurations in up to 3 presets per effect such that you're able to recall the lighting configuration with a press of a button.

NOTE:  While these controllers are rated for a specific number of LED's your particular installation may affect the actual number of LED's you can run on these controllers. Be mindful of the amount of amperage you’re drawing through your lighting circuit and to not exceed the circuit component limitations. The amount of power (amps) you’re pulling through the circuit will vary based on a combination of three factors: 1) The number of LEDs in the circuit, 2) the amount of copper wire in the circuit and 3) the input voltage to the circuit. The amperage ratings for our controllers and LEDs assume 12.5 vdc input or less. If you're wiring your lights to a vehicle that has a charging mechanism (e.g. alternator), the input voltage will likely increase when the engine is on; particularly as RPMs increase. It's not unusual for an alternator to charge the battery at a rate of 13.5 to 14 vdc depending upon the vehicle. Increasing the input voltage to the LED Controller/LEDs will also increase the amperage draw of those LEDs because they’ll burn brighter.

- M7 Remote uses one CR2032 3v alkaline battery (included with remote).
- KEY FOB Remote uses one MN27 12v alkaline battery (included with remote)

Control Options
PLUS Series:    Rated to 300 LEDs - maybe more depending on your installation. Controller measures 2-1/2" x 1-3/4" x 7/8".Brake flash feature included.
SUPER Series: We took this up another notch. Rated to 900 LEDs - maybe more depending on your installation. The controller is a bit larger at 4-1/4" x 2-1/4" x 7/8". Brake flash feature included.
HEAVY DUTY Series: Rated up to 1800 (5050 LEDs, RGB), perhaps more depending on your installation. Ideal for use with RV, marine, home and commercial applications where you want to power a large number of LEDs. This controller is the largest in our controller series measuring 5.5" long x 3.25" wide and 1.5" high. Note that the overall length to accommodate room for wires is 7.5".
DUAL ZONE, HEAVY DUTY Series: Rated up to 3000 with no more than 1500 LEDs on each zone. Ideal for use with RV, marine, home and commercial applications where you want to power a large number of LEDs and want to be able to segment the lights into two zones. For example, perhaps you want to set your Under-Glow LEDs on one color/feature setting and your Awning or Slide-Outs on another. Previously this type of configuration would require two different controllers. Now, you can do it with one. This controller is the largest in our controller series measuring 5.5" long x 3.25" wide and 1.5" high. Note that the overall length to accommodate room for wires is 10". We offer more information about this DUAL ZONE, HEAVY DUTY LED Controller here. It has it's own product page.

Using an RGB Controller with Single Color LEDs? YES! It can be done. The advantage of using an RGB controller with single color LEDs is that in addition to being able to turn them on/off, you can also dim the lights as well as access additional features such as flashing, strobing and breathing. Plus, if the LED Controller is Bluetooth capable, you can also control your single color lights via Bluetooth. If you're thinking of using an RGB LED controller with single color LEDs, here's a wiring diagram to assist you.

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HEAVY DUTY CONTROLLER NOTE: The HEAVY DUTY version of this controller requires a minimum of 10amps 12vdc to power it (with a max of 20amps for full power). It is not intended to be used with typical motorcycle applications. It works well for RV, home and commercial applications where you have 110vac OR sufficient 12vdc power available. We offer 10amp power converters (110vac to 12vdc) for 110vac applications. You can use two of these 10amp power converters in parallel to achieve 20amps of power to the controller for maximum load.