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GPT Stranded Hook Up Wire

GPT wire is a low-voltage stranded automotive primary wire. It's designed for standard electrical usage in vehicles. GPT stands for "General Purpose Thermoplastic" in reference to the jacket around the wire. The PVC insulation jacket is heated and extruded through a die and onto a bare copper wire, serving as insulation that can accept up to about 60 volts and withstand temperatures from -45°C (-49°F) to +85°C (185°F). GPT primary wire is used whenever an application specifies SAE J1128 requirements for general circuit wiring. This includes automotive, electric motor, and generator low voltage applications. This single conductor stranded copper wire provides good electrical connectivity while PVC insulation protects the wire against abrasion, chemicals, oils, and solvents. Note that GPT wire is not designed to handle extended exposure to outdoor elements. It's available in Black and Red jacket.  Sold by the foot. Maximum of 50' can be purchased. We use this stranded hook up wire to connect Boogey Lights LED controllers to 12vdc power source. Can be ordered in 8awg, 10awg and 18awg. NOTE: 18awg should ONLY be used with our Plus series controllers (e.g. motorcycles). Use 8awg or 10awg for our Super or Heavy Duty LED controllers. While Boogey Lights® led controllers have a fuse already attached to the controller, if you're extending the 12vdc power source more than 18", we strongly suggest adding a fuse at the point where this wire connects to the battery. We also suggest using split-loom to cover this cable once installed. Doing so will protect against chaffing.


Sold by the foot.
Desired length of power lead cable in the gauge of your selection. Maximum of 50' of a single cable can be ordered.
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