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Low Profile LED Light Strips

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Hi-Intensity Low Profile Surface Mounted LED Strips for Outdoor & Motor Vehicle Applications

Available in Single Color, DUAL COLOR, RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBWW, REDA and REDW!

Introducing our Hi-Performance Surface Mounted LED strips with more LEDs per inch than comparable strips on the market today. There are 8 possible single color options (Red, Green, Blue, White, Orange, Amber, Pink, UV/Purple), two speciality color options (REDA, REDW) and FOUR multi-color options (RGB, RGBW, RGBWW, RGBA). On the RGBW led strip, in addition to RGB, you get one extra 2835 diode which is Warm White. That warm white diode has a Kelvin temperature of 2400 which means it has a yellowish look giving it a warmer, softer, candle like look. On the RGBA led strip, in addition to RGB you get one extra 2835 diode which is AMBER (ideal for motor vehicle applications where only AMBER can be used but you still want the option of changing colors). On the RGBWW led strip, in addition to RGB, you get two extra 2835 diodes: One is Warm White (2400 Kelvin) and one is Natural White (4500 Kelvin). We have included a photo below (see THE KELVIN SCALE tab) showing the differences in the shades of white. Be sure to click on the SPECS navigation tab for detailed product specifications.

NOTE: This Low Profile LED light strip product should not be mounted on vehicles running at highway speeds facing forward unless they are mounted inside of an enclosure or have some other protective shield in front of them. No warranty is provided for Low Profile LED strips mounted this way.


All BOOGEY LIGHTS® Low Profile LED strips are impressively bright (except UV/Purple - see note below). Built with two ounce copper PCB, the brightest 5050 LEDs available and 1.2mm of genuine 3M® VHB double sided tape, these LED strips are made tough for use outdoors on vehicles and other motor sports applications. The LEDs are completely sealed against the elements. They're IP65 rated. They are heat resistant, waterproof and easily cleaned for maintenance free operation. The soft, gel-like strips provide maximum flexibility and a clean and sleek appearance. Their low profile design makes them easy to fit into tight spaces and yet are incredibly bright; nothing brighter on the market.

They're available on either white or black PCB in varying lengths ranging from 3 (2") to 300 LEDs (16'). The default configuration has one 36" power lead hard wired to the end of the strip with the option of adding a second power lead on the other end of the strip for motorcycle applications. Note that this option is only available for Motorcycle lighting applications because they typically will use a larger number of very short LED strips where the total number of LEDs is under 300.  It can be handy if you don't know the exact length of LED strip you need but you don't want any waste. Simply cut the LED strip in the appropriate location and you now have two strips each with their own power lead. The LED strips can be cut every 3 LEDs. See details on how to cut our LOW PROFILE LED strips here. If you want longer power leads, we offer additional power lead length options. If you are going to "daisy chain" LED strips together, make sure you do not exceed the maximum of 300 LEDs in a single run. This is super important as you not only void our warranty by doing so but you run the very real risk of starting a fire.

Power Lead Length Options: This product is offered in your choice of Power Lead Lengths in increments of 36" (default), 5', 10', 15' and 20'. Power lead wire gauge is 22awg. The power lead wire outer jacket is GREY for Black PCB and WHITE for White PCB. If you need to go longer than 20', we offer additional POWER LEAD WIRE to extend as needed.

Our Low Profile LED strips are dimmable when used either with a Boogey Lights® LED controller or wired LED compatible dimmer switch.

NOTE: DOT issues notwithstanding, our Low Profile LED light strips should not be mounted on motor vehicles running at highway speeds facing forward unless they are mounted inside of an enclosure or have some other protective shield in front of them.

Boogey Lights® RGB, RGBW, RGBA and RGBWW LEDs are common cathode LEDs. They share a common ground and will only work with positively switched controllers. Most third party led controllers are negatively switched controllers and will not work with Boogey Lights RGB, RGBW, RGBA or RGBWW LEDs. We offer a wide selection of LED CONTROLLERs here.


The maximum length of a single LED strip is 16' (300 LEDs). They cannot be daisy chained together as you run a very real risk of fire and/or damaging the LED strips permanently. The laws of electricity won't allow it to go longer with today's commercially available technology using 12vdc power and super bright 5050 led chips. If your application requires longer than 16' (e.g. 20'), you have two options. One is to simply center the 16' LED strip in that 20' space. Boogey Lights are already very bright so for most folks, having enough light is never a concern. This is what most people do. That said, some prefer to have full coverage of the entire 20' area. In that case it's possible to cover that entire 20' span using two LED strips. In the case of a 20' span you can order two - 10' LED strips. Then, the two LED strips (totaling 20') are installed such that the two LED strips butt together; end to end, which gives the illusion of a single 20' long LED strip.


The RGB, RGBW, RGBA and RGBWW multi-color strips requires an LED controller to operate the RGB diodes.

What is RGB?

RGB stands for RED, GREEN, BLUE. Each LED chip on the strip contiains three diodes: One Red. One Green. One Blue. When paired with an LED controller, the mixing of those three primary colors can create up to 16 million different color combinations. For example, equal parts RED + GREEN + BLUE = WHITE (bright white, 6000 Kelvin temp). RGB leds are the most common leds due to their versatility in creating so many different color combinations.

Single Color vs Multi-Color

Single Color LEDs will always be brighter than multi-color. If you're looking for the absolute brightest LED, Single Color is what you want. Why? All of our RGB and Single Color LEDs use a 5050 tri-chip LED. Each 5050 LED has three LED diodes. In a RGB LED those three diodes are red, green and blue. When combined with an LED controller the mixing of those three colors will produce up to 16 million different color combinations. For example, using an RGB LED chip mixing equal parts red + green + blue will produce WHITE (6000 Kelvin temp.) In a single color tri-chip LED there are also three LED diodes however all three of those LEDs are the same color. Because there are three diodes of all the same color, the light will be brigther. Of course you only get one color with a Single Color LED so there are trade offs. Important to note that 5050 LED chips are the brightest available. So even an RGB LED Chip will produce a very bright light. In fact, most people find they need to dim them. We rarely have a customer tell us the lights are not bright enough. And in the cases where they do, it's because they don't have sufficient power to support the amperage load (and the lights dim).


For Single Color LEDs, we offer the ability to order the strip with either a 2 conductor or 4 conductor power lead wire. The default is 2 conductor (black and red). Each LED has 3 diodes. In a single color LED, all 3 diodes are the same color. We normally will bridge the 12vdc power at the end of the strip such that all 3 diodes are connected to the red power lead conductor. If however you want to be able to control the power going to each of the 3 diodes, we will use 4 conductor power lead cable. This configuration is ideal for situations where you're using the single color LED strip and want to control the brightness of the strip by lighting one, two or all three diodes (e.g. brake lights, turning indicators and running lights.)  

WHITE LEDS: 6000K, 4000K or 2400k?

Color temperature is a method of describing the color characteristics - warmth or coolness - of a white light source. Commonly referred to as the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), it's a gauge of how yellow or blue a white light source appears to the human eye. The spectrum of color temperature is assigned a numerical value, measured in degrees of Kelvin (K), on a scale of 1,000 to 10,000. Most Kelvin temperatures for modern lighting applications however fall somewhere on a scale of 2000K to 6500K. The color temperature of a light source lets us know what the look and feel of the light produced will be.

We offer three different Kelvin temperatures of WHITE as follows: COOL WHITE (6000K), SOFT WHITE (2400K) and NATURAL WHITE (4000K).

Cool White (aka Bright White) is the most popular and is by default what we ship the most. It's also the color of white that is created with RGB LEDs (mixing equal parts red + green + blue = cool white). It's excellent for functional lighting and is used the world over in offices, public places, warehouses and the like.

Soft White (aka Warm White or Candle White) is the second most popular since it provides a nice contrast to the Cool White. It's on the opposite end of the Kelvin scale with a 2400K temp. Soft White has a yellowish tint to it making it softer; easier on the eyes - not nearly as bright as Cool White though. It's great for creating ambiance but not functional lighting. You'll notice we offer an RGBW product that includes RGB + one diode of this soft white color which provides both Cool White and Soft White options (along with RGB of course). It's our most popular Multi-Color LED strip for this reason.

Lastly, we offer a Natural White (aka Neutral White) which has a Kelvin temp of 4000. This shade of white is middle of the road - half way between Soft White and Cool White. We offer it in a single color only. See below images to help demonstrate the differences.

While Color Temps
While Color Temps
While Color Temps

What is RGB + WHITE (RGBW)?

On the RGBW led strip, in addition to RGB, you get one extra diode which is Warm White. That warm white diode has a Kelvin temperature of 2400 which means it has a yellowish look giving it a warmer, softer, candle like look (see photo below). That fourth diode on the RGBW led strip can be wired directly to our GEN2 LED Controller which supports RGBx LEDs. As an option, you could also wire that fourth diode to a completely separate on/off switch. Your choice. You could also use the Quick-Switch feature with this fourth diode too.


An RGBWW LED chip contains five light emitting diodes: 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 warm white and 1 natural white. It's the addition of these two variations of white diodes that makes the difference. The RGBWW LED chip will not only produce all of the same colors as the standard 3 diode RGB LED chip, it can also produce warm white, natural white and cool white.

NOTE: This product has been discontinued. Once we sell through the existing RGBWW components, we will no longer offer RGBWW. The reason is the vast majority of customers can use RGBW to achieve the lighting effect they're looking for. RGBW is easier to work with, more durable and less expensive than RGBWW.

What is RGB + AMBER (RGBA)?

RGBA is a new type of LED strip we designed. It includes our core RGB tri-chip technology with the addition of a fourth diode that is AMBER. Designed primarily for motor vehicle applications, that fourth AMBER diode can be wired to a separate switch on the dash that allows you to quickly and easily turn on just the AMBER leds which meets DOT compliance regulations. Then, for those who want the flexibility to also be able to display up to 16 million other color combinations using our RGB LED Controller, they can do that too. RGB + A provides the best of both worlds. Note that due to the addition of that fourth diode, the RGBA LED strip is wider than our standard tri-chip LED strips.  They're 11/16" wide (vs 1/2" for the tri-chip strips). For additional information including product specs, click the SPECS navigation tab on this product page.

What is RED + AMBER (REDA)?

REDA is a new type of LED strip we designed. It uses our single color RED tri-chip technology with the addition of a fourth diode that is AMBER. Designed primarily for motor vehicle tail-turn-brake applications, that fourth AMBER diode can be wired to the left and right turning indicator circuits. The remaining three RED diodes are wired such that one diode connects to the running light circuit and the remaining two diodes connects to the brake circuit.

What is RED + WHITE (REDW)?

REDW is a new type of LED strip we designed. It uses our single color RED tri-chip technology with the addition of a fourth diode that is WHITE (6500 Kelvin). Designed primarily for motor vehicle tail-turn-brake applications, that fourth WHITE diode can be wired to the reverse light signal. The remaining three RED diodes are wired such that one diode connects to the running light circuit, one to the brake circuit and one to the turn signal. Another option is for emergency, wrecker or recovery vehicles that need to flash red and white. In this scenario the REDW LED strip is often paired with our Single Color Strobbing / Flashing LED Controller.


The Dual Color LED configuration uses our RGBA LED strip but instead of pairing that LED strip with an RGB LED controller (to mix up to 16 million different color combinations), we hard wire a combination of one, two or all three of the RGB diodes (red, green or blue) along with the AMBER diode to two on/off switches. One switch operates the primary color diode(s). The other switch operates the amber diode. There are a total of seven Dual Color configuration options: RED+AMBER, GREEN+AMBER, BLUE+AMBER, MAGENTA+AMBER, YELLOW+AMBER, CYAN+AMBER, WHITE+AMBER.  With a Dual Color configuration you don't need an LED Controller. Instead, you only need two switches (and relays); one to control each color. The primary color is chosen from the available dual color drop down list. The secondary color is always amber.

One (1) Hi-Intensity Surface Mounted LED strip in your choice of LED color (single color, RGB, RGBW, RGBA and RGBWW), length and PCB color.
Each strip includes 36" of power lead hardwired to one end of the strip. As an option, you can add a second power lead to the other end of the strip (motorcycle applications only). You can also configure the strip to have longer power leads. Power lead wire jacket is grey for black pcb LED strips and white jacket for white pcb LED strips.
Original owner warranty varies from 90 days to 3 years depending upon use and application. See details below.
This product is considered a custom ordered product which may not be eligible to be returned - or if so, subject to additional fees and/or restrictions. Be sure to read our RETURN POLICY for details.

Understanding LED Color Temperature

Will Boogey Lights® Components Work with Other Brands?


Boogey Lights Low Profile Hi-Intensity Surface Mounted LED light strips are used in a number of Boogey Lights products for a variety of vehicle applications. Where and how these light strips are installed make all the difference in their durability and thus, our warranty. For this reason the duration of the Boogey Lights Low Profile Hi-Intensity LED Light Strips original owner warranty varies based on the vehicle application, use and installation types.

  • Recreational Applications: RVs, Motorcycles, Golf Carts: 3 years
  • Cars/Pickup Trucks/Off-Road: 1 year
  • Marine / Fresh Water: 3 years
  • Marine / Salt Water: 90 days
  • Food/Cargo Truck/Trailer, Other Light Duty Commercial Use / Installation done by Boogey Lights technicians in Florence, KY: 3 years
  • Food/Cargo Truck/Trailer, Other Light Duty Commercial Use / All other installation types: 1 year
  • Heavy Duty Truck and/or Trailer Commercial Use / Installation done by Boogey Lights technicians in Florence, KY: 1 year
  • Heavy Duty Truck and/or Trailer Commercial Use / All other installation types: 90 days

RGBWW LOW PROFILE LED strips are designed primarily for awning light (or interior) applications. We offer a one year warranty on these strips. Do not install them for under-glow or end cap applications as they do not have the same PCB structure.  They will fail prematurely when used in those applications and are not covered under warranty when installed this way.

Note on Commercial Applications: These low-profile surface mounted LED strips are not built to withstand significant flexing or lateral movement of the surface the strip is mounted to. Some examples include on semi-truck trailers as well as tow trucks where there is significant movement, bending or flexing of the surface to which the strip is mounted. Also, the strip can not span multiple surfaces. Mounting them this way will virtually guarantee the strip will fail. These strips must be mounted to one single continuous smooth, clean, flat surface and in an area that is protected from corrosive chemicals. Commercial vehicles that frequently travel roads treated with corrosive chemicals often used for melting snow and ice can impact the durability of these LED strips if the strips are mounted in an area that is exposed to these chemicals. Hi-Intensity Strips that fail in these operating environments ARE NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. For these types of operating environments we strongly recommend (and warranty) our HEAVY DUTY LED strips.

View the complete limited product Warranty Terms & Conditions here.


True purple LED's are actually ultra-violet (UV).  They produce a soft, pleasant purple glow particularly when used on or near shiney reflective surfaces (e.g. chrome motorcycle engines).  The color however is not a real bright effect like you'll get with any of the other LED single colors.  If you want a subtle, purple glow that looks great, then the UV/Purple LED's may well be for you.  If however you want the brightest lights possible, you will not be happy with UV/Purple. The alternative to UV/Purple is MAGENTA (some call it a 'hot purple') which looks similar but has a brighter, pinkish tint. Magenta is available by mixing 100% RED + 100% BLUE which is what our single color Magenta is. You can also mix magenta using our RGB LEDs and an LED controller.  


Q: Why is the warranty for your RGBWW LED Light Strip one year when others are up to three years?

A: RGBWW LED light strips have 5 diodes and 6 conductors. Fitting all those diodes and conductors on the same width LED strip as an RGB or even an RGBx LED strip means the solder pads are smaller. Plus, those extra diodes mean the PCB can't be as thick. As such, RGBWW LED strips aren't as robust as an RGB or RGBx LED strip particularly when mounted on a vehicle that moves, flexes, contracts and expands in all kinds of weather and operating conditions. This is why we only recommend RGBWW for use on RV Awning Lights and interior RV lighting applications. To be clear, when installed according to the installation instructions on a smooth, flat surface, an RGBWW LED light strip should last for years. Their design structure however means they won't be as forgiving as our RGB, Single Color or even RGBx LED strips.


The LEDs used in this product are very bright; the brightest 12vdc LED lights available. They're designed to be used for accent lighting applications where they are typically powered on for a few hours (usually on a dimmed setting) and then powered off. While they can be used in functional lighting applications (e.g. bright white to temporarily illuminate a work area), the lights should NOT be left powered on for extended periods of time (e.g. 6+ hours). If the LEDs are left powered on for long periods of time - particularly on their brightest setting - the LEDs closest to the power source will have a burned look to them over time. This is because the amount of voltage being pulled through the LEDs closest to the power source will be higher than the voltage going through the LEDs further down the strip. The end result is that those LEDs closest to the power source will be hotter thus creating the burned look. This will occur mostly when displaying the color white on a full brightness setting but can also occur with other colors. For this reason, we do NOT suggest leaving these LED lights powered up for extended periods of time particularly on their brightest setting. Burned looking LEDs is NOT covered under warranty.


To achieve the full adhesive strength of the 3M® tape affixed to the back of each strip 3M® Adhesion Promoter (aka Primer) must be applied to the mounting surface first. This is an important step to ensure a secure bond. The 3M® Adhesion Promoter creates a chemical bond between the tape and the mounting surface such that the LED strip will stay stuck (at least until you decide you want to remove it). Using any other solvent such as rubbing alcohol or acetone is not the same thing as using 3M® Adhesion Promoter. While these solvents will help clean the surface, they do not prime the surface. There is a difference. 3M® Adhesion Promoter is NOT included with this single strip.  The promoter can be added to your order using the drop down 3M Adhesion Primerr option above.  Iit can also be purchased separately on our website in one ounce, two ounce and four ounce bottles.


This product is considered a custom ordered product which may not be eligible to be returned - or if so, subject to additional fees and/or restrictions. Be sure to read our RETURN POLICY for details.


The short answer is probably not. More importantly, we do not provide technical support on installations that use other manufacturer's components with Boogey Lights® products. All Boogey Lights® RGB (and RGBx, RGBxx) LED strips are COMMON CATHODE strips with the controller technology being POSITIVELY SWITCHED. This means that Boogey Lights® LED strips share a common ground. The controller switches on/off the positive (hot) side of the circuit similar to how every motorized vehicle in the United States is wired. Just like your car, Boogey Lights® LED strips are only energized with power when they are in use. Without getting into the electrical weeds the advantage of this design is that it is more robust, more efficient, will last longer and provides a brighter glow. It also means there is less chance of the LED strip or controller shorting out, making it safer. Of course it costs more to build a controller that switches all three (or five in the case of RGBWW) of the positive channels of the circuit instead of the single negative channel. That's why most competitors use negatively switched controllers with common anode LED strips.

So if you're looking to pair Boogey Lights® LEDs with another manufacturer's controller (or vise versa), be sure you check with that manufacturer's specifications. It most situations it's unlikely they'll work with Boogey Lights®. Even if they do, be aware you're on your own in terms of technical support. Important to note too that attempting to use them with the wrong technology voids the warranty. Simply put, Boogey Lights® LEDs and Controllers are specifically built and designed to work with Boogey Lights® products.


The AMBER and RED single color LED strips are DOT COMPLIANT. They conform to applicable provisions of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 requirements.