9-LED Wheel Lights

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size: 2.00 W × 1.00 H × 2.00 L
Warranty: Original Owner Lifetime Warranty on LEDs.
AMPS: Each 9-LED Light draws just .06 amps
Dimensions: 1-1/2"L x 9/16"H x 1"W
UPC Amber: Black Case: 812928020905, Chrome Case: 812928020912
UPC Blue: Black Case: 812928020929, Chrome Case: 812928020936
UPC Green: Black Case: 812928020950, Chrome Case: 812928020943
UPC Orange: Black Case: 812928020967, Chrome Case: 812928020974
UPC Pink: Black Case: 812928020998, Chrome Case: 812928020981
UPC Red: Black Case: 812928021001, Chrome Case: 812928021018
UPC UV/Purple: Black Case: 812928021032, Chrome Case: 812928021025
UPC White: Black Case: 812928021049, Chrome Case: 812928021056

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9-LED Wheel Lights

Our 9-LED wheel lights are small and they pack a punch! They're a perfect match for our Cut N' Click™ single color series lights.

If you're looking for multi-color wheel lights, we suggest using our LOW PROFILE SURFACE MOUNTED LED strips. Their low profile design makes them easy to fit into tight spaces and yet are incredibly bright; nothing brighter on the market. We'll often wrap them around a brake caliper, install them inside of fenders and/or mount them on support struts depending on the bike to flood the wheel with light.

One (1) - 9-LED Wheel light fixture in your choice of color and case finish
Life Time Original Owner Warranty on LED's



Typical Installation

Designed to attach to the inside of nearly any brake caliper on all makes and models of bikes. The nine (9) full-size 5mm Cut N’ Click™ LEDS are arranged in a circle on the outside of the fixture at various angles. This provides a nearly 360° lighting effect, distributing light all around the inside of the wheel. If you have a chrome wheel the effect is absolutely stunning. Attach to your brake caliper to light your entire wheel. The 72" extra long wire lead is long enough for most bikes. If you are placing 2 - wheel lights on a single caliper here's a tip: splice the wires together down near the caliper and run one wire up the brake line to the power source. Makes for a cleaner install and less wires to connect at the battery.

Attach with 3M Tape and Promoter. Don’t forget to order our 3M Double-Sided Tape and Promoter Kit to attach your pods to your bike. Using authentic 3M automotive adhesive tape ensures that these lights will stay where you put them for as long as you own your bike. One kit will attach up to 6 sticks.

These 9-LED Wheel lights are a perfect match for our Cut N' Click™ series lights. Our Front Wheel Wiring Kit has everything you need to install two of these pods on your front wheel. Got steel braided brake lines? Then you will want to order our Front Wheel Wiring Kit with 6' Steel Braid. This kit includes the tape and promoter, chrome wire ties and 6' of steel braid.

Our approach to wheel lighting is different from others who attach lights directly to the wheel using a special power connection unit. We find this approach has a high degree of installation difficulty and leaves a clutter of unsightly wires wrapped around your spokes. During the daytime the beauty of your wheel is lost underneath the attached strips of lights and bundles of visible wires.

Our method is simple, clean looking and effective. You have to look hard to even see our small fixtures attached to the calipers. The black wire is attached to the brake lines as you run it back under your seat for a simple two-wire connection to the remote control and/or switch.


Quick Specs

  • Each light pod includes 9 - full size LEDs - same as our Cut N' Click™ Series
  • Each light pod has a 72" power lead
  • Stays cool to the touch (compare with other high-power small pods that run very hot)
  • Draws just 60 milliamps (.06 amps) of power
  • Physical dimensions: 1-1/2" L x 9/16″ H x 1″ W
  • Available in black or chrome finish
  • Attaches with 3M double-sided VHB tape (sold separately)