LED By The Foot or Roll on WHITE pcb Close-up of cut location and mounting point for wires
LED By The Foot or Roll on WHITE pcb Close-up of cut location and mounting point for wires

Multi-Color LEDs on White PCB

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Warranty: Three Year Warranty on LEDs
UPC By The Foot: 812928021377
UPC By The Roll: 812928021353

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OOS Message

Multi-Color LEDs on White PCB

Value Series Multi-Color (RGB) LEDs sold by the foot. Mounted on WHITE Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with 3M tape backing. 5050 high-intensity LEDs, IP65 rated. Requires a 12vdc multi-color remote to operate (not included).

Note: All Boogey Lights® LED strips are COMMON CATHODE LEDS. They share a common ground and will only work with positively switched controllers. Most LED strips on the market today are COMMON ANODE because they're less expensive to manufacture. As a result, they're not nearly as bright and are an overall inferrior design when compared with COMMON CATHODE LEDs.

Important Note: If you are buying this product we have to assume you know what you're doing. Only the most technically capable should be attempting to do their own soldering to attach power leads to the LED strip. If you aren't familiar with flexible Printed Circuit Board layout, how to identify the GROUND solder point on the PCB, how to solder (too much heat could melt the PCB and/or damage the closest LEDs), how to test your work before permanently installing and in general how RGB lighting works, we strongly suggest allowing us to do the soldering and heat shrinking for you (select our ADD-ON RGB LEDS WITH POWER LEAD). If there is a problem with the LED light strip which we determine could be a result of how the power lead was attached, the warranty will be void.  
Other Items You Need To Install These Lights
Multi-Color Wireless Remote Control
110vac to 12vdc Power Adapter (60w, 5amps). Ideal for use in non-motorsports applications where 110vac power is supplied.
RGB Power Cable(4 conductor)

Important Notes:

  • Because LEDs are manufactured based on the metric system, we have to do some conversions for this product to make sense to consumers in the United States. As such, when you order lengths more than one foot, you will always receive a little more length than you asked for. For this reason. the measurements in length are not exact to the foot. For those who wish to do the conversion, there are 20 groups of 3 LEDs (or 60 LEDs) for every METER of length (1 meter = 3.28 feet).
  • There are 18 LEDs every 11 7/8" consisting of 6 groups of 3 LEDs.
  • The LED strip can be cut every 3 LEDs if you so choose.
  • We offer crimp on power wire connectors (not included) if you wish to cut the strip into multiple pieces. Simply crimp on the power lead to those sections you cut to get power to them. See video below demonstrating how to do this.
  • Maximum length for one single strip is about 16 feet (5 meters). We also sell this product by the roll at a considerable savings over buying it by the foot.
  • The white PCB (Printed Circuit Board) makes this LED strip ideal for situations where the lights will be mounted on a light colored surface. The strip will blend in better with the surface when the lights are not on. If you are mounting these lights on dark background, we recommend using the black PCB version of this product which we also carry.
  • Genuine 3M adhesive tape is affixed to the back of the LED strip.
  • IP65 rating means these lights can withstand low pressure jets of water from all directions.
  • Three year warranty on the LEDs.


To power the LED strip you will need to attach power lead wire to one end of the LED strip. There are two ways to do this. First is using the CRIMP-ON connector. This is a popular option for those who are unfamiliar with soldering or don't have a soldering iron handy. It's simple enough to do using the CRIMP-ON power lead connectors we offer. The second option is soldering. While the soldering method does require a soldering iron (a soldering iron can be purchased at just about any hardware store for less than $20), we prefer this method as we've found soldering to be more robust and durable long term. That said, both methods will work. Below are two videos that walk you through both processes: CRIMP-ON and SOLDERING.





We now offer the option to add a factory soldered 5'-0" power lead onto the end of all our LED By The Foot product. Simply select the POWER LEAD SOLDERING FEE. You can also call us to place the order over the phone. Note: This option could delay the shipping of your order by one day. Ask our friendly sales department for details.