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Heavy Duty LED Light Strips

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UPC: 812928020806
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Heavy Duty LED Strips

The BRIGHTEST, TOUGHEST Heavy Duty LED Strip Available

Boogey Lights® has done it again! We took our already rugged, reliable Hi-Intensity Low Profile LED strips and encased them in black flexible PVC to create our new, IP67 rated HEAVY DUTY LED STRIP. The brightest, toughest Heavy Duty LED strip available!

AVAILABLE in 8 single color versions, 2 specialty color versions, 2 Multi-Color versions and 8 Dual Color versions.

Boogey Lights® HEAVY DUTY LED STRIPS are designed to be used in tough, outdoor and commercial applications where the lighting strip might be subject to direct impact or submersed in water. The flexible PVC provides an extra, dual layer of protection above and beyond our already tough LED light strips. Ideal for off-road machines, ATVs, side-by-sides,  tool box compartments, vehicle storage bins, truck beds and heavy duty truck commercial applications. Also ideal for marine applications where the LEDs will be submerged in water for brief periods (not marine grade). Note: These LED strips are NOT intended for use in salt-water applications or to be submersed in water for extended periods of time. These are not marine grade LED lights which fall into another classification.


Tougher AND Brighter. Depending upon the length, each Heavy Duty LED Strip contains between 15 and 75 high-intensity super-bright 5050 tri-chip LEDs. No other Heavy Duty LED strip on the market today has more LEDs per foot than Boogey Lights®.  The PCB is black, created with 2 ounce copper and encased in industrial grade PVC with 1.2mm of 3M® VHB tape affixed to the back. Additionally, the end caps have a screw hole allowing these strips to be screwed to the mounting surface for additional holding power. Important to note that the strip's overall length can vary up to 1/2" longer or shorter than specified due to the manufacturing process.  That plastic end cap where the screw hole is can be cut back if needed to fit in tight spots. You'll lose the screw hole of course but it will pick up 1" to 1.5" in overall length. We are not aware of any other product on the market today that matches these specifications for toughness and brightness. Available in five sizes (see drop down box).  Available only in these five fixed lengths.  They cannot be cut or produced in longer lengths (or, on rolls).  If you need to cover a larger area, simply use multiple strips. We do it all the time.

The fully encased, flexible design allows these strips to flex so they can be mounted on a curved surface. The flexible PVC also protects the LEDs from a direct hit (e.g. rock, hammer, tool box, tire chains, etc) as well as allows them to be submersed in water. Boogey Lights® Heavy Duty LED strips are available in six colors and five lengths ranging from 1 foot to 5 feet. And because these Heavy Duty LED Strips are an exact color match to our popular motorsports LED strips, they can be mixed and matched with any of our lights or controllers to fit virtually any operating environment or application. NOTE:  These are fixed length LED strips.  They cannot be cut. 

The Heavy Duty LED strips include a 36" power lead. If you wish to extend the power lead we offer a POWER LEAD EXTENSION kit in variable lengths of 10, 15, 20 and 25 feet. You can also purchase power lead by the foot.

The RGB and Single Color Heavy Duty LED strips use a super-bright TRI-CHIP 5050 LED chip. Each 5050 LED chip contains THREE diodes. For RGB, one diode is red, one is green and one is blue. For the single color Heavy Duty LED strips, all three diodes are the same color. Whether it's RGB or single color, the power lead on each Heavy Duty LED strip will have a four conductor power lead attached to it. One of those power leads is the ground (black / 12vdc-) and the remaining three are for the 3 diodes (12vdc+). The colors of those power lead wires will be red, green and blue. For RGB lights, the power lead wire color matches the color of the respective diode. For single color LEDs, it doesn't matter since all diode colors are the same. To achieve maximum brightness on a single color Heavy Duty LED strip it's important to connect all three power lead wires (red, green, blue) to 12vdc+ power so all three diodes are lit. If you want to reduce brightness, you can choose to only light two or even one diode by simply connecting only two or one of the 12vdc+ power leads to 12vdc power. The RGBA Heavy Duty LED strip works the same as the RGB except that there is a fourth 12vdc+ power lead (white jacket) coming off the lead strip. That power lead connects to the single amber diode on the led strip. The MAGENTA/HOT PURPLE single color option uses our RGB LED strip.  The color is created by connecting the RED + BLUE power leads together to mix the color magenta/hot purple.

Boogey Lights® RGB, RGBW, RGBA and RGBWW LEDs are common cathode LEDs. They share a common ground and will only work with positively switched controllers. Most third party led controllers are negatively switched controllers and will not work with Boogey Lights RGB, RGBW, RGBA or RGBWW LEDs. We offer a wide selection of LED CONTROLLERs here.


This product is offered in FIVE different lengths. Here are the available lengths:

  • 15 LED Strip: ~12" long x .5" wide x .25" high, 2.2 ounces
  • 30 LED Strip: ~22" long x .5" wide x .25" high, 3.1 ounces
  • 45 LED Strip: ~31" long x .5" wide x .25" high, 4.3 ounces
  • 60 LED Strip: ~41" long x .5" wide x .25" high, 5.4 ounces
  • 75 LED Strip: ~52" long x .5" wide x .25" high, 6.5 ounces

NOTE:  These five fixed lengths are the only sizes offered.  Maximum length for our Heavy Duty LED strips is 52" (75 LEDs).  Sorry. They cannot be made longer nor are they sold on rolls due to the strip design. If you need to go longer distances, use multiple strips.  


Even though these Heavy Duty LED strips can be screwed to the mounting surface, the screws (if used) only hold the ends. DO NOT TORQUE them down. They're designed to hold the ends of the strip against the surface. The end caps are glued to the black PVC rubber that encases the LED strip itself. Torquing them down will most likely cause the end cap to spin and pull away from the PVC rubber. This is by design so the LED strip itself isn't damaged. Note that screwing down the ends will not secure the middle of the LED strip to the mounting surface. As such it's important to prepare the surface using 3M® 94 Adhesion Primer (not included). The strip must be mounted flat against a contiguous, straight rigid mounting surface. Strips cannot be bent around corners or on a horizontal plane. The entire strip must be secured to the mounting surface and that you NOT attempt to span across multiple mounting surfaces. If you do, the strip will almost certainly fail in the spot that isn't affixed firmly to the mounting surface. If you don't have a smooth, flat, contiguous mounting surface we recommend riveting (or screwing) 1.5" wide aluminum or plastic flat stock to the surface and then mount the LED strip to that flat stock. Do not use zip ties or similar to secure these strips. You must use the 3M tape and Adhesion Primer. Product failures due to improper installation are not covered under warranty. Installation instructions for these HEAVY DUTY LED STRIPS can be downloaded here.

Mounting Boogey Lights Heavy Duty LED Strips


RGBA is a new type of Heavy Duty LED strip we designed. It includes our core RGB tri-chip technology with the addition of a fourth diode that is AMBER. Designed primarily for commercial trucking applications, that fourth AMBER diode can be wired to a separate switch on the dash that allows you to quickly and easily turn on just the AMBER leds which meets DOT compliance regulations. Then, for those who want the flexibility to also be able to display up to 16 million other color combinations using our RGB LED Controller, they can do that too. RGB + A provides the best of both worlds. Note that due to the addition of that fourth diode, the RGBA Heavy Duty strip is wider than our standard tri-chip Heavy Duty LED strips.  They're 11/16" wide (vs 1/2" for the tri-chip strips). For additional information including product specs, click the SPECS navigation tab on this product page.


REDA is a new type of LED strip we designed. It uses our single color RED tri-chip technology with the addition of a fourth diode that is AMBER. Designed primarily for motor vehicle tail-turn-brake applications, that fourth AMBER diode can be wired to the left and right turning indicator circuits. The remaining three RED diodes are wired such that one diode connects to the running light circuit and the remaining two diodes connects to the brake circuit. Of course there are other uses too.

What is RED + WHITE (REDW)?

REDW is a new type of LED strip we designed. It uses our single color RED tri-chip technology with the addition of a fourth diode that is WHITE (6500 Kelvin). Designed primarily for motor vehicle tail-turn-brake applications, that fourth WHITE diode can be wired to the reverse light signal. The remaining three RED diodes are wired such that one diode connects to the running light circuit, one to the brake circuit and one to the turn signal. Another option is for emergency, wrecker or recovery vehicles that need to flash red and white. In this scenario the REDW LED strip is often paired with our Single Color Strobbing / Flashing LED Controller. Note that the REDW Heavy Duty LED strip is only avaialble in the 15, 30 and 45 LED lengths for our Heavy Duty series.


The Dual Color LED configuration uses our RGBA LED strip but instead of pairing that LED strip with an RGB LED controller (to mix up to 16 million different color combinations), we hard wire a combination of one, two or all three of the RGB diodes (red, green or blue) along with the AMBER diode to two on/off switches. One switch operates the primary color diode(s). The other switch operates the amber diode. There are a total of seven Dual Color configuration options: RED+AMBER, GREEN+AMBER, BLUE+AMBER, MAGENTA+AMBER, YELLOW+AMBER, CYAN+AMBER, WHITE+AMBER.   Instructions are included on how to wire the RGBA LED strip to achieve the dual color combination you ordered. With a Dual Color configuration you don't need an LED Controller. Instead, you only need two switches (and relays); one to control each color. The primary color is chosen from the available dual color drop down list. The secondary color is always amber.


The AMBER and RED single color LED strips are DOT COMPLIANT. They conform to applicable provisions of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 requirements.


This product uses our HEAVY DUTY LED Strips. The PVC molding and polyurethane coating that protects the LED strip itself may have some imperfections in the material surrounding the LED strip due to the manufacturing process. It's unavoidable. We build and warranty these products for their performance in tough, outdoor environments on all kinds of heavy duty vehicles; not for their cosmetic perfection. For most applications, these Heavy Duty LED strips are never seen as they're usually mounted to the bottom of a vehicle out of sight.  You only see the glow from the LEDs and even then, only when it's dark.  For this product however, because of where they are mounted you will see the LED strips themselves; especially in day light.    If you're looking for a super-bright, tough, easy to install add-on TAIL/TURN/BRAKE light, this product is ideal for your application. If however you're very particular on how something looks and/or are expecting a perfectly formed hardened plastic look when viewed up-close in the light of day, this product is probably not for you.


To achieve the full adhesive strength of the 3M® tape affixed to the back of each strip 3M® Adhesion Promoter (aka Primer) must be applied to the mounting surface first. This is an important step to ensure a secure bond. The 3M® Adhesion Promoter creates a chemical bond between the tape and the mounting surface such that the LED strip will stay stuck (at least until you decide you want to remove it). Using any other solvent such as rubbing alcohol or acetone is not the same thing as using 3M® Adhesion Promoter. While these solvents will help clean the surface, they do not prime the surface. There is a difference. 3M® Adhesion Promoter is NOT included with this single strip.  The promoter can be added to your order using the drop down 3M Adhesion Primerr option above.  Iit can also be purchased separately on our website in one ounce, two ounce and four ounce bottles.

Your choice of LED color: Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Amber, White, Pink, RGB (controller required) and RGBA (controller required). Price is PER LED Strip.
Your choice of these five lengths: 15 LEDs (~12"), 30 LEDs (~22"), 45 LEDs (~32") , 60 LEDs (~42"), 75 LEDs (~52"). Important to note that the strip's overall length can vary up to 1/2" longer or shorter than specified due to the manufacturing process. Available only in these five fixed lengths.  They cannot be cut or produced in longer lengths (or, on rolls)
3 Year Original Owner Limited  Warranty when used in recreational applications. One year original owner warranty when used in commercial applications.


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