RGBWW Low Profile Surface Mounted LEDs

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size: 8.00 W × 8.00 H × 8.00 L
Warranty: Three Year Warranty on LEDs

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MULTI-COLOR RGBWW LED ADD-ON Strips with Power Leads

Now you can have WARM WHITE, NATURAL WHITE and BRIGHT WHITE on a Multi-Color RGB LED Strip!

Hi-Intensity Multi-Color RGBWW LED ADD-ON strip with heat shrink power lead and mounting supplies.  Your choice of varying lengths of LEDs and power lead to suit your application. Low-profile, 5050 super-bright high-intensity RGBWW LEDs, IP65 rated, 1.2mm 3M backing tape for extra holding power.   12vdc.  Adhesion primer is NOT included so be sure to order some 3M Adhesion primer tubes or cans.

  • Power leads use 22AWG six conductor wire. The power lead connection to the LED strip hard-wired and sealed to the strip.
  • LED strip width is .47" (12mm). LED strip height is 1/8" (3mm).
NOTE: This is an RGBWW ADD-ON LED strip. It is intended to be used with Boogey Lights® RGBWW lighting kits (EG. RV Under-Glow or Awning Kit) in situations where you want to add more lights than what the base kit includes. These ADD-ON LED strips will NOT work without an RGBWW LED controller. They require the RGBWW LED controller included with the base RGBWW lighting kit. Note too that RGBWW and RGB LED strips cannot be mixed together.
RGBWW LEDs are designed to give the user the best of both RGB multi-color and a spectrum of white with the WW diodes on one single LED light strip. While the LED controller will allow you to turn on both the RGB and WW diodes together, the strip is not designed for both RGB and WW to be used together for prolonged use. When operating your RGBWW LEDs, we do not suggest turning both the RGB and WW leds on at the same time particularly on the brightest white setting possible. The reason is that with all 5 diodes lit on the brightest setting, the heat generated from the LED chips will burn the epoxy poly-urethane coating on the strip from the inside out giving the coating a yellow appearance which will in turn, give the LED colors a permanent yellowish tint which cannot be reversed.

NOTE: All Boogey Lights® LED strips are COMMON CATHODE LEDS. They share a common ground and will only work with positively switched controllers. Most LED strips on the market today are COMMON ANODE because the controller technology used to power them is less expensive to manufacture. However they're not nearly as bright and are an overall inferior design when compared with COMMON CATHODE LEDs.

NOTE ON EXTENDED USE: The LEDs used in this product are very bright; the brightest 12vdc LED lights available. They're designed to be used for accent lighting applications where they are typically powered on for a few hours (usually on a dimmed setting) and then powered off. While they can be used in functional lighting applications (e.g. bright white to temporarily illuminate a work area), the lights should NOT be left powered on for extended periods of time (e.g. 6+ hours). If the LEDs are left powered on for long periods of time - particularly on their brightest setting - the LEDs closest to the power source will have a burned look to them over time. This is because the amount of voltage being pulled through the LEDs closest to the power source will be higher than the voltage going through the LEDs further down the strip. The end result is that those LEDs closest to the power source will be hotter thus creating the burned look. This will occur mostly when displaying the color white on a full brightness setting but can also occur with other colors. For this reason, we do NOT suggest leaving these LED lights powered up for extended periods of time particularly on their brightest setting. Burned looking LEDs is NOT covered under warranty.

What's Included:
Your choice of RGBWW LED strip ranging in length of about 3" to 16' (3 to 300 LEDs). Width is .47" (12mm). Height is 1/8" (3mm).
Power lead hard wired and sealed to the LED strip in your choice of 3', 10', 15', 20', or 25''.  
Original owner warranty varies from 90 days to 3 years depending upon use and application. See details below. 
One 300 RGBWW LED strip (16') will consume about 4.5 amps on full power with a 3' power lead. Adding additional power lead will increase that amperage draw.

Boogey Lights Low Profile Hi-Intensity Surface Mounted LED light strips are used in a number of Boogey Lights products for a variety of vehicle applications (including this product). Where and how these light strips are installed make all the difference in their durability and thus, our warranty. For this reason the duration of the Boogey Lights Low Profile Hi-Intensity LED Light Strips original owner warranty varies based on the vehicle application, use and installation types.

  • Recreational Applications: RVs, Motorcycles, Golf Carts: 3 years
  • Cars/Pickup Trucks/Off-Road: 1 year
  • Marine / Fresh Water: 3 years
  • Marine / Salt Water: 90 days
  • Food/Cargo Truck/Trailer, Other Light Duty Commercial Use / Installation done by Boogey Lights technicians in Florence, KY: 3 years
  • Food/Cargo Truck/Trailer, Other Light Duty Commercial Use / All other installation types: 1 year
  • Heavy Duty Truck and/or Trailer Commercial Use / Installation by Boogey Lights technicians in Florence, KY: 1 year
  • Heavy Duty Truck and/or Trailer Commercial Use / All other installation types: 90 days

Note on Commercial Applications: These low-profile surface mounted LED strips are not built to withstand significant flexing or lateral movement of the surface the strip is mounted to. Some examples include on semi-truck trailers as well as tow trucks where there is significant movement, bending or flexing of the surface to which the strip is mounted. Also, the strip can not mounted in such a way as they span multiple mounting surfaces. Mounting them this way will virtually guarantee the strip will fail sooner rather than later. These strips must be mounted to one single continuous smooth, clean, flat surface and in an area that is protected from corrosive chemicals. Commercial vehicles that frequently travel roads treated with corrosive chemicals often used for melting snow and ice can impact the durability of these LED strips if the strips are mounted in an area that is exposed to these chemicals. Hi-Intensity Strips that fail in these operating environments ARE NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. For these types of operating environments we strongly recommend (and warranty) our HEAVY DUTY LED strips.

View the complete limited product Warranty Terms & Conditions here.