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Single Color LEDs on Black PCB

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Warranty: Three Year Warranty on LEDs

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OOS Message

Single Color LEDs on Black PCB

Hi-Intensity Single Color LEDs sold by the foot. These are just like our multi-color RGB rolled product except available in your choice of single color. Mounted on BLACK Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with 3M tape backing. 5050 high-intensity LEDs, IP65 rated. Can be turned on/off with one of our pushbutton on/off switches or one of our remotes (not included). Power lead is NOT included. You have to do your own soldering. This product is typically used by hobbyists for indoor or stationary use applications. If you're looking for LEDs to attach to a vehicle or to be used in environments that are exposed to the elements we strongly recommend using our HI-INTENSITY SURFACE MOUNTED LOW PROFILE LED STRIPS instead of this product.

Important Self-Soldering Note: This product is typically purchased by hobbyists who are using it for indoor applications. If you are buying this product we assume you know what you're doing. Only the most technically capable should be attempting to do their own soldering to attach power leads to the LED strip. If you aren't familiar with flexible Printed Circuit Board layout, how to identify the GROUND solder point on the PCB, how to solder (too much heat could melt the PCB and/or damage the closest LEDs), how to test and trouble shoot your work, how to correctly seal the solder point to avoid water intrusion and in general how LED strip lighting works, we strongly suggest allowing us to do the soldering and heat shrinking for you (select our SURFACE MOUNTED LED STRIPS). If there is a problem with the LED light strip which we determine could be a result of how the power lead was attached, the warranty will be void.  

By the Foot
- Select the Color from the drop down
- Select "By the Foot - Select Length Below" option in the drop down
- Enter the number of feet you want in the Quantity box
Repeat this process for each unique configuration you want to purchase. If you're purchasing more than one of the exact same configuration (e.g two - blue 5' lengths) then enter 10 for quantity. These strips are designed to be cut so when you receive a 10' LED strip, you can cut it into 2 - 5' strips.

Full Roll / 16'
- Select the Color from the drop down
- Select '5 Meter (Full Roll Approx. 16')' option in the drop down
- Enter the number of rools you want in the Quantity box

Other Items You May Need To Install These Lights

IMPORTANT NOTE ON PURPLE LEDs! All purple LED’s on the market today are actually ultra-violet (U/V) and produce a soft pleasant purple glow particularly when used on motorcycle engines. The color however is not a real bright effect like you’ll get with red, blue, green, orange, etc. If you want a subtle purple glow that looks great, then the U/V LED’s may well be for you. If however you want the brightest lights possible, you will not be happy with purple.

Important Notes

  • Because LEDs are manufactured based on the metric system, we have to do some conversions for this product to make sense to consumers in the United States. As such, when you order lengths more than one foot, you will always receive a little more length than you asked for. For this reason. the measurements in length are not exact to the foot. For those who wish to do the conversion, there are 20 groups of 3 LEDs (or 60 LEDs) for every METER of length (1 meter = 3.28 feet).
  • There are 18 LEDs every 11 7/8" consisting of 6 groups of 3 LEDs.
  • The LED strip can be cut every 3 LEDs on the copper pads that separate each 3 LED cluster.
  • Maximum length for one single strip is about 16 feet (5 meters). We also sell this product by the roll at a considerable savings over buying it by the foot. Note too you can purchase the same product WITH the power lead already soldered.
  • Genuine 3M adhesive tape is affixed to the back of the LED strip.
  • IP65 rating means these lights can withstand low pressure jets of water from all directions.
  • Three year warranty on the LEDs. See about note regarding self soldering and how it may impact this warranty.
NOTE: All Boogey Lights® LED strips are COMMON CATHODE LEDS. They share a common ground and will only work with positively switched controllers. Most LED strips on the market today are COMMON ANODE because the controller technology used to power them is less expensive to manufacture. However they're not nearly as bright and are an overall inferrior design when compared with COMMON CATHODE LEDs.

Boogey Lights Low Profile Hi-Intensity Surface Mounted LED light strips are used in a number of Boogey Lights products for a variety of vehicle applications. Where and how these light strips are installed make all the difference in their durability and thus, our warranty. For this reason the duration of the Boogey Lights Low Profile Hi-Intensity LED Light Strips original owner warranty varies based on the vehicle application, use and installation types.

  • Recreational Applications: RVs, Motorcycles, Golf Carts: 3 years
  • Cars/Pickup Trucks/Off-Road: 1 year
  • Marine / Fresh Water: 3 years
  • Marine / Salt Water: 90 days
  • Food/Cargo Truck/Trailer, Other Light Duty Commercial Use / Installation done by Boogey Lights technicians in Florence, KY: 3 years
  • Food/Cargo Truck/Trailer, Other Light Duty Commercial Use / All other installation types: 1 year
  • Heavy Duty Truck and/or Trailer Commercial Use / Installation done by Boogey Lights technicians in Florence, KY: 1 year
  • Heavy Duty Truck and/or Trailer Commercial Use / All other installation types: 90 days

Note on Commercial Applications: These low-profile surface mounted LED strips are not built to withstand significant flexing or lateral movement of the surface the strip is mounted to. Some examples include on semi-truck trailers as well as tow trucks where there is significant movement, bending or flexing of the surface to which the strip is mounted.  Also, the strip can not mounted in such a way as they span multiple mounting surfaces. Mounting them this way will virtually guarantee the strip will fail sooner rather than later. These strips must be mounted to one single continuous smooth, clean, flat surface and in an area that is protected from corrosive chemicals. Commercial vehicles that frequently travel roads treated with corrosive chemicals often used for melting snow and ice can impact the durability of these LED strips if the strips are mounted in an area that is exposed to these chemicals. Hi-Intensity Strips that fail in these operating environments ARE NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. For these types of operating environments we strongly recommend (and warranty) our HEAVY DUTY LED strips.

View the complete limited product Warranty Terms & Conditions here.


To power the LED strip you will need to attach power lead wire to one end of the LED strip. There are two ways to do this. First is using the CRIMP-ON connector; a process we do not recommend but it can be done. The second option is soldering. While the soldering method does require a soldering iron (a soldering iron can be purchased at just about any hardware store for less than $20), we prefer this method as we've found soldering to be more robust and durable long term. That said, both methods will work. Below are two videos that walk you through both processes: CRIMP-ON and SOLDERING.






We also offer the option to add a factory soldered 5'-0" power lead onto the end of all our LED By The Foot product. Simply select the POWER LEAD SOLDERING FEE. You can also call us to place the order over the phone. Note: This option could delay the shipping of your order by one day. Ask for details.


Tips for installing our Crimp On Power Wire Leads onto our LED By The Foot Strips:

  • Remove a small section of the polyurethane from the top - about 1/4"
  • Remove a small section of the 3M tape from the back - about 1/4"
  • Remove the hinged plastic tab by cutting with sidecuts/diagonals
  • Slide the pcb board into the groove on the connector until the copper points on the strip are securely underneath the four (4) silver metal tabs on the connector and make contact
  • Once you confirm you have a good, solid connection use some Liquid Electrical Tape to seal and secure the connector to the LED strip
  • Slide a piece of large heat shrink tubing over the connector and shrink it tight
  • When wiring up our single color lights using these crimp on power leads you will only use 2 of the 4 wires. One will be the ground and the other the positive. Once determined which 2 you are using you can cut off the extra wires as desired.