Hi-Intensity Multi-Color Trike LED Light Kit

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Warranty: Original Owner LIFETIME Warranty on the LEDs. Three year on the controller

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Hi-Intensity Multi-Color TRIKE Motorcycle LED Light Kit 150 LEDs

Introducing our Hi-Intensity Multi-Color TRIKE KIT based on our popular Touring & Bagger LED Light Kit. This kit will light your bike from front to back. Built on our Hi-Intensity Motorsports LED strips, these strips have more LEDs per inch than comparable strips on the market today. More LEDs means more light shining on your bike. Built with two ounce copper PCB, the brightest 5050 LEDs available and 1.2mm of genuine 3M® VHB double sided tape, these LED strips are made tough for motor sports applications. Impressively bright, our Hi-Intensity LED strips are thin so they can barely be seen when attached to the bottom of your tank or under your saddle bags. They produce a smooth, even glow of light. This light kit includes your choice of either our PLUS or SUPER version of our Boogey Lights RF + Bluetooth COMBO LED Controller. The PLUS version will power up to 300 leds. The SUPER version will power up to 900 leds. Regardless of which version you choose, the led controller will display seven colors (steady on + four lighting effects): RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE, LIGHT BLUE, BOOGEY LIGHTS GREEN (LIME GREEN/YELLOW), HOT PINK/PURPLE using the hand held RF wireless remote. The lighting effects options for the RF wireless remote include: DIMMING, BLENDING, BREATHING, STROBING. In the Blending, Breathing and Strobing modes these features can be set to remain on a single color or to cycle through each of the 7 pre-set colors. You can also adjust the speed at which this happens. The RF remote control also offers SEVEN levels lighting effects (e.g. 7 levels of dimming).

BLUETOOTH INCLUDED! The LED controllers offered in this kit are also BLUETOOTH enabled. Using your smartphone and our free BLUETOOTH APP, you can access even more features including up to 16 million combinations, presets and color rotation programming. More detail about this on the BLUETOOTH tab including a video showing how our Bluetooth APP works.

Brake Light Interface Included

The LED controllers offered in this light kit also includes our BRAKE LIGHT INTERFACE. It includes circuitry that when connected to the brake light circuit, will turn multi-color accent lights to the color red whenever the brakes are engaged. Its a great motorcycle safety feature to make sure you're seen. NOTE: You do not have to use this feature if you don't want to.

This light kit lights your trike with any of seven different colors and animate them with special effects using the included wireless RF remote control. Original owner lifetime warranty on the LED strips. Many upgrade options too including Bluetooth wireless controller along with adding more lights.


Our Hi-Intensity Multi-Color Touring & Bagger TRIKE LED light kit is offered in two LED strip length configurations. We do this because some bikes have larger fuel tanks than others. The larger/longer fuel tanks have more room for LEDs on the bottom of them. Each configuration includes 8 Hi-Intensity LED surface mounted flexible strips in varying lengths plus two RGB LED strips, each with 6 LEDs plus 7' power lead to wrap around the brake calipers. You'll typically want to choose the LED length configuration that has two LED strips that best fit the entire length of your fuel tank.

Configuration 1 (150 LEDs)
2 - 18 LED strips. Each strip is 12.25" long (fuel tank)
1 - 18 LED strip. Strip is 12.25" long (ground effects)
2 - 6 LED strips. Each strip is 4.5" long (horn and breather)
1 - 12 LED strip. Strip is 8.38" long (battery box)
2 - 30 LED strips. Each strip is 20" long (saddlebags)
2 - RGB LED strips, each with 6 LEDs + 7' of power lead

Configuration 2 (156 LEDs)
2 - 24 LED strips. Strip is 16.13" long (fuel tank)
2 - 3 LED strips. Each strip is 2.5" long (horn and breather)
1 - 18 LED strip. Strip is 12.25" long (ground effects)
1 - 6 LED strip. Strip is 4.5" long (battery box)
2 - 30 LED strips. Each strip is 20" long (saddlebags)
2 - RGB LED strips, each with 6 LEDs + 7' of power lead

*Each LED strip has a 36" power lead (22 gauge) hard wired to the end with the other end sealed. If necessary you can cut the LED strip every 3 LEDs. Just be sure to seal the end with liquid electrical tape or similar substance to keep from shorting out when wet.
Your choice of LED lengths from either of two configurations:
CONFIG 1) 3 - 18 LED strips, 2 - 6 LED strips, 1 - 12 LED strip, 2 - 30 LED strips.
CONFIG 2) 2 - 24 LED strips, 2 - 3 LED strips, 1 - 18 LED strip, 1 - 6 LED strip, 2 - 30 LED strips.
See LED lengths for each configuration in the product description.
Two (2) - Multi Color RGB LED strips with 6 LEDs + 7' power lead to wrap around the brake calipers
Standard Front Wheel Wiring Kit
Your choice of a 300 LED capacity or 900 LED capacity RGB RF + Bluetooth Combo LED Controller with two RF KEY FOB Wireless remotes. Brake flash integration, pushbutton on/off switch, wiring kit and installation instructions.
Complete wiring kit with push button on/off switch, promoter and installation instructions. Everything you need to install all the lights in this kit
Original Owner Three Year Warranty on the LEDs and Controller

Typical Installation

Each strip has a 36" power lead hard wired to one end of the strip. On a V-Twin the suggested layout for the lights is as follows:

  • Depending upon the LED configuration you purchased, install the 18 LED (or 15 LED) under the bottom of the tank on both sides. Install the 6 LED (or 3 LED) inside the horn cover and behind the breather backplate.
  • Depending upon the LED configuration you purchased, install the 6 LED (or 9 LED) behind the engine on the seatpan, oil/battery box or frame downtube. Align it to shine on the rear of the engine. Take the longer LED strip (15 or 12 LEDs depending the configuration you purchased) and install on the frame below the engine. Install on the inside of the frame so it won't be damaged by a jack or when loading onto a trailer.
  • Use the two 30 LEDs strips for rear saddlebag lighting. Measure your saddlebag support frames to see what will fit. If necessary, cut the strips and install on the bag frame support - not on the bag itself. Align slightly inward to light the pipes, rear wheel and ground. On some models that have a fender extension between the bag and fender you can cut one strip and install a segment on each extension. This blows the light down and toward the front of the bike. .
  • Install one MEGA stick on the inside of each front caliper. Run the power lead up the brake line and back to the power source. On bikes with a single caliper consider using the second wheel light on the rear wheel. Looks nice!

This kit is easy for a do-it-yourselfer. Includes all you need other than a few hand tools. Just like the chrome on your bike, this kit is fully expandable and allows you to easily add additional strips in the future.

These lights will also work well on a Can-Am Spyder. Order some extra strips until you get the coverage you want.

NOTE: We always recommend dry fitting or temporarily mounting the lights before installation to make sure you get the look you want. The suggestions above are our recommendations. The final mounting location for the lights comes down to your personal preference. So put them where it makes sense to you and for your bike.

Sealed, Flexible Strips

The LEDs on our HI-INTENSITY strips are sealed against the elements. They are heat resistant, waterproof and easily cleaned for a lifetime of maintenance free operation. The soft, gel-like strips provide maximum flexibility and a clean and sleek appearance. Their low profile design makes them virtually invisible when placed on the bottom of your tank and their wide viewing angle floods your bike with light.

Each strip has a 36" power lead which is hard wired to one end of the stip. If you need to cut a strip, be sure to cut where indicated on the strip (ever 3 LEDs) and make sure you seal the cut end with liquid electrical tape or something similiar to keep water from shorting out the strip. A wrong cut in the wrong place or not sealing the cut end properly will void your warranty. Call us if you are unsure where to make your cut.

Waterproof Black Quick Connector Options

The answer to future routine maintenance. Add these Waterproof Black Quick Connectors to your kit. Install inline on your tank wiring, breather, bags, side panels etc. Wherever future maintenance may require access.