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Hi-Intensity LED Lighting Kits for SXS's, ATV's and Off-Road Vehicles

Looking to light up your Side-by-Side, ATV or Off-Road vehicle? Boogey Lights® Hi-Intensity, Heavy Duty LED lighting kits for Off-Road vehicles are just the answer! While most companies sell the same lights used on street bikes for their off-road vehicle lighting applications, Boogey Lights® is different. We know better! Truth is, ATVs, SXSs and similiar Off-Road vehicles are subjected to far greater forces than street vehicles. The LED accent lights used on off-road vehicles - particularly those used in wheel wells and underneath the vehicle take a beating. That's why the core of our Off-Road led lighting kits are based on our HEAVY DUTY LED strips. These Heavy Duty LED strips are unique in the industry. Boogey Lights® HEAVY DUTY LED STRIPS are designed to be used in tough, outdoor and commercial applications where the lighting strip might be subject to direct impact or submersed in water. The flexible PVC provides an extra, dual layer of protection above and beyond our already tough LED surface mounted light strips. They are ideal for off-road machines, ATVs and side-by-sides. They're also ideal for applications where the LEDs will be submerged in water. These strips can be twisted, submerged and even hit with a hammer. Plus, in addition to being mounted using the included 3M® VHB tape, the strips can also be screwed or wire tied to the mounting surface adding an extra layer of security.

Tougher AND Brighter
Each Heavy Duty LED Strip contains between 15 and 75 (depending upon length) high-intensity super-bright 5050 tri-chip LEDs. No other Heavy Duty LED strip on the market today has more LEDs per foot than Boogey Lights®.  The PCB is black, created with 2 ounce copper and encased in industrial grade PVC with 1.2mm of 3M® VHB tape affixed to the back. Additionally, the end caps have a screw hole allowing these strips to be screwed to the mounting surface for additional holding power. We are not aware of any other product on the market today that matches these specifications for toughness and brightness. The fully encased, flexible design allows these strips to flex so they can be mounted on a curved surface. The flexible PVC also protects the LEDs from a direct hit (e.g. rock, hammer, etc) as well as allows them to be submersed in water. Boogey Lights® Heavy Duty LED strips are available in five lengths and because these Heavy Duty LED Strips are an exact color match to our popular motorsports LED strips and PODs, they can be mixed and matched with any of our lights or controllers to fit virtually any Off-Road vehicle application.

Controller Options

Boogey Lights® offers more large vehicle format remote control options than any competitor. For this kit we offer two LED controllers both of which are bluetooth + RF capable. You have a choice of a KEYFOB RF Remote or an M7 RF Remote. Click on the CONTROLLER OPTIONS tab for more details on the waterproof controller options available for our Off-Road Vehicle lighting kits. All controllers and LEDs are 12vdc.

Four Areas of Lighting Flexibility

Our ATV/SXS/Off-Road LED Lighting kits are designed to light the Wheel Wells, Under-Glow, Grill and Canopy of just about any SXS, ATV or Off-Road vehicle. Of course there's nothing that says you have to light all of these areas (or, just these areas). You can mix-n-match any of our lights to fit just about any off-road vehicle. The base kit includes the wireless Super Controller and four Heavy Duty LED light strips for the Wheel Wells. From there you can build out your light kit to add LEDs for additional areas of your vehicle.

Wheel Wells: For the Wheel Wells we use our HEAVY DUTY LED strips which can be mounted using the included 3M VHB tape and adhesion promoter as well as screwed or zip-tied.

Under-Glow: For the Under-Glow (under-carriage) LEDs we also use our HEAVY DUTY LED strips.

Grill: The grill area is usually protected from direct impact so we use our HI-DENSITY LED strips which provide an incredible amount of light in a small area. These low-profile surface mounted LED strips are perfect for this area.

Canopy: For vehicles that have a canopy you want to light, we recommend our HI-INTENSITY LED low-profile surface mounted strips which affix to the canopgy. We also include a push-button on/off switch that allows you to turn off the canopy lights while keeping the other lights on. Our Canopy LED strips include a 10' power lead.

Note: We also offer the option to add Boogey Lights® MINI-PODs to your configuration. Our MINI-PODS consist of four incredibly bright RGB LEDs encased in plastic with a four foot power lead. They have a small foot-print and are easy to attach to almost any vehicle. They are a great addition to any off-road vehicle configuration particularly when you need to light a small area.

Power Lead Extensions

Our LED light strips come with either 2 or 3 feet of power lead already attached to the LED strip. Depending upon the size of your vehicle, controller location and LED strip placement you may need to extend the length of some of the LED strips. We offer both 5' and 10' power lead extensions.

Installation Supplies

All of our kits come with installation supplies. Unlike virtually every other competitor we include 3M® Adhesion Promoter in our lighting kits which is an essential ingredient to mounting LED light strips on any vehicle.


Your choice of our Super Wireless Multi-Color RGB Controller.
Your choice of RGB Heavy Duty LED strips in varing lengths for each of the four Wheel Wells.
Installation Supplies including 3M Adhesion Promoter.
One year original owner warranty
Installation Manual
OPTIONAL ITEMS: Controller upgrades, Under-Glow Lighting, Grill Lighting, Canopy Lighting, Mini-POD Lighting and Power Lead Extensions.


Demo Vehicle Photos

The Side-by-Side photos we're using for this product is a Polaris RZR 570 with the optional solid canopy and after-market full belly skid plate. The RZR 570 has a wheelbase of 77" and is 50" wide. Below is a list of the lights we're using for this RZR 570. Just about any RZR can use this configuration except the larger platforms (e.g. 900, 1000, etc.) would use longer strips for some areas than what we used for the 570.

Wheel Wells: Heavy Duty LED Strips each with 30 LEDs (4)

Under-Glow: Heavy Duty LED Strips each with 45 LEDs (2)

Grill: Hi-Density LED strip with 24 LEDs (1)

Canopy: Hi-Intensity SMD LED Strip with 75 LEDs (1)

We used seven 5' Power Lead Extensions (4 wheel wells, 2 under-glow and 1 grill). We installed the COMBO waterproof Super M7 Controller which offers both Bluetooth and RF wireless capabilities that will power up to 900 LEDs.

We did not use any MINI-POD lights for this installation but if we did, we would have added them under the foot wells for both the passenger and driver side.


ATV, SXS, Off-Road Lighting Kit Controller Options

We offer two LED Controller options with this kit. Both are Multi-Color RGB Bluetooth capable.
1) RF + Bluetooth Combo Wireless Super Controller with two Key Fobs.Waterproof and rated to 900 LEDs, this controller is ideal for motorsports applications. It will display seven colors (RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE, LIGHT BLUE, BOOGEY LIGHTS GREEN (Lime Green/Yellow), HOT PINK/PURPLE and provides a number of features including color switching, dimming, fading, breathing and strobing functions.
2) RF + Bluetooth Combo Wireless Super Controller with M7 Remote. This controller is the same as the Key Fob version in terms of specifications except we've added a  wireless remote control that is larger - similar to a  TV style remote. Some customers have found it easier to use than the Key Fobs because it's larger.
Our COMBO LED controllers combines the best of our RF and Bluetooth controllers into one simple to use controller. You can operate the controller with your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone and our free smartphone APP (Android and IOS) OR your choice of the included RF wireless KEY FOBS or M7 Style TV remote. With the included RF remote (Key FOBs or M7) you get all of the functionality of our popular RF wireless controller that allows you to change between 7 colors and functions of on/off, blending, strobing, breathing, flashing and fading. You can also use your Bluetooth enabled smartphone to create that custom look with over 16 million different color combinations plus three pre-sets as well as three programmable color rotation options.

Note: While these controllers are waterproof, they are not submersible.


More About the Boogey Lights® Bluetooth Smartphone APP