Food Trailer Roof Perimeter LED Light Kit

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UPC: 812928022800
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UPC: 812928022800
size: 18.00 W × 18.00 H × 12.00 L
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Food Trailer Roof Perimeter - Dual Zone - LED Light Kit

Make your Food Trailer or Truck stand out! Our impressively bright surface mounted hi-intensity LED strips are ideal for Food Trucks, BBQ Wagons and Food Trailers. With more super-bright LEDs per inch than any other surface mounted LED strip on the market, our LED strips are ideal for mobile lighting applications. Based on our popular in-house food trailer installations, this Food Trailer LED light kit is designed to ring the roof line of your food trailer with super-bright LED lights to attract maximum attention.


The kit includes our Bluetooth + RF wireless DUAL ZONE Heavy Duty LED controller that allows you to set two lighting zones to create unique lighting effects that are sure to be seen! This kit is currently offered in four different trailer configurations to fit 8x14', 8x20', 8x24' and 8x28' trailers. We can also customize this kit to fit other trailer/truck formats. Just ask!

You can operate the LED controller with the included RF wireless remote OR you can use your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone and our free smartphone APP (Android and IOS). The included RF wireless controller displays the following seven pre-set colors which can be adjusted per lighting zone: Red, green, blue, white, light blue, Boogey Lights green (lime green/yellow), hot pink/purple. The lighting effects options for each lighting zone include: Solid on, dimming, fading, breathing, strobing. The RF remote control offers SEVEN levels lighting effects (e.g. 7 levels of dimming) .

With Bluetooth however, your options are significantly expanded. You can control the lights using your bluetooth enable smartphone and our free APP (Android or IOS). With Bluetooth you have the option of configuring the colors with over 16 million possible color combinations.. In addition, lighting effects on the bluetooth smartphone controller are significantly more controllable in terms of speed and intensity. Each color and lighting effect is controlled by "sliders" or a color square on your smartphone screen so you can adjust the speed and intensity to get the lighting exactly the way you want it. In addition, you can 'program' your lighting setup to rotating a series of 2 or 3 colors that you choose. And because you have two lighting zones to work with, you can set one zone to one lighting sequence and the other zone to another lighting sequence. It makes for some truly eye-catching led light displays.

More About the Boogey Lights® Bluetooth Smartphone APP




1] 8' x 14': 2 - 8' led strips and 4 - 7' led strips (all with 15' power leads).
2] 8' x 20': 2 - 8' led strips and 4 - 10' led strips (all with 15' power leads).
3] 8' x 24': 2 - 8' led strips and 4 - 12' led strips (all with 15' power leads).
4] 8' x 28': 2 - 8' led strips and 4 - 14' led strips (all with 15' power leads).

In all four configurations, the two 8' led strips are designed to go on the front and rear of the trailer. The other 4 strips are designed to mount to each side of the trailer. So for example, with an 8' x 20' trailer, there are two 10' led strips on each side of the trailer. These two led strips butt up to each other end to end with the power lead at the opposite end (one power lead facing forward, one power lead facing rearward). The three strips that are facing toward the front of the trailer (1 - 10', 1- 8' and 1- 10') are assigned to ZONE 1. The other three strips facing toward the rear are assigned to ZONE 2. The power leads go over the side and up on the roof. They access the LED Controller inside the foot trailer in one location. See diagrams on Installation tab.


The LED Controller included in this kit is our GEN2 Dual Zone Heavy Duty Bluetooth COMBO LED Controller. COMBO means they can be operated using either the included M7 RF wireless hand held remote OR your Bluetooth enable smartphone (and our free APP). Both will work. The RGB version is capable of displaying 16 million different color combinations. The GEN2 RGBx version can display even more color combinations depending on the type of LED strips connected to them. In addition, lighting effects on the Bluetooth controller are significantly more controllable in terms of speed and intensity. Each color and lighting effect is controlled by "sliders" or a color square on your smartphone screen so you can adjust the speed and intensity to get the lighting the way you want it.

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Our GEN2 LED Controllers are based on the Bluetooth 5 chip set family which provide fast response times and the best possible RF/Bluetooth transmission distance.
  • The SUPER and HEAVY DUTY GEN2 Controller can support Single Color, RGB, RGBx and RGBxx LED strips with both RF and Bluetooth control.
  • The HEAVY DUTY controller versions include two antennas: a screw-on 2" stubby antenna and an extended magnetic mount antenna with 15' of wire for optimal reception on any vehicle.
  • Use the included RF wireless remote to quickly turn on/off/dim your Boogey Lights. You can also select up to 7 different preset colors using the RF remote as well as access 7 different lighting features.
  • Use your smartphone to operate your Boogey Lights®: On, Off, Dimming, Color Selection, Brightness, Speed, Color Programming, Timers
  • Adjust the color sliders or color square to select the color you want.
  • Access additional lighting features (e.g. strobing, flashing, breathing, morphing) modes using the 7 Function Keys.
  • Save your favorite lighting configuration using Pre-Sets
  • Countdown Timer and a 24 hour On/Off Timer function
  • Quick-Switch feature for use with RGBx LED strips.
  • Password protection to stop others from connecting to your LED controller.
  • Programmable Color Rotation mode offers the ability to program the controller to display two or three colors of your choice and then rotate those colors in sequence.
  • Assign a 'nick name' to your controller so you can easily find it when scanning.
  • Set the APP to auto-connect to your LED controller every time you launch the APP on your phone
  • DOWNLOAD the GEN2 LED Controller Operating Manual & Wiring Diagrams
  • DOWNLOAD the GEN2 Bluetooth Operating Manual
  • DOWNLOAD the GEN2 M7 RF Wireless Remote Operating Information
  • VIEW the GEN2 LED Controller Series Product Page
  • VIEW the GEN2 BLUETOOTH APP Information Page

Boogey Lights Food Trailer Light Kit Configuration

You can read more about these features on our GEN2 COMBO LED CONTROLLER product page.


Mounting the LED strips in an aluminum channel with plastic diffusers on top of the strips makes for a very nice, polished installation. It's a popular upgrade that not only looks terrific even in the daylight, it adds another layer of protection to the LED strips. We strongly recommend this option for anyone who wants the best possible look for their food trailer light system. See photo below.

Boogey Lights Food Trailer Light Kit Configuration


LED lights are mounted to a Printed Circuit Board (or PCB for short). The color of that PCB makes a difference in how the finished installation looks in the daylight. Our LED light strips come in two versions to match the surface the strip will be attached to. If you have a light colored vehicle, you will probably want to order the WHITE PCB light strip. If you have a dark colored vehicle, you will probably want to order the BLACK PCB light strip.


No two installation scenarios are the same. Not everyone shares the same installation quality goals. Some folks are OK with twisting wires together, others want to solder them. Some folks are OK with running wires where they may be seen or unprotected to save money/time, others want a tidy, clean install without any wires showing. Some folks are OK with mounting their LED strips to whatever surface they can find, others want to take the time necessary to build out appropriate mounting surfaces to provide the best lighting effect on their vehicle. The point is it's not possible to provide all the materials necessary for all installation scenarios and quality goals. Our light kits provide the essential components needed for a high-quality, functioning lighting system. Installation of our light kit to your specific vehicle may however require additional items to make it look and fit the way you want. This is particularly the case with electrical wiring and mounting of LED strips. Before proceeding with your installation we suggest you consider THESE OTHER ITEMS.

Will Boogey Lights® Work with Other Brands?

The short answer is probably not. All Boogey Lights® RGB LED strips are COMMON CATHODE LEDS. They share a common ground and will only work with positively switched controllers. Most LED strips on the market today are COMMON ANODE because the controller technology used to power them is less expensive to manufacture. However they're not nearly as bright and are an overall inferior design when compared with COMMON CATHODE LEDs. For more information, click the button below.

Will Boogey Lights® Components Work with Other Brands?


Boogey Lights® Low Profile Hi-Intensity Surface Mounted LED light strips are used in a number of Boogey Lights products for a variety of vehicle applications (including this product). Where and how these light strips are installed make all the difference in their durability and thus, our warranty. For this reason the duration of the Boogey Lights Low Profile Hi-Intensity LED Light Strips original owner warranty varies based on the vehicle application, use and installation types.

  • Recreational Applications: RVs, Motorcycles, Golf Carts: 3 years
  • Cars/Pickup Trucks/Off-Road: 1 year
  • Marine / Fresh Water: 3 years
  • Marine / Salt Water: 90 days
  • Food/Cargo Truck/Trailer, Other Light Duty Commercial Use / Installation done by Boogey Lights technicians in Florence, KY: 3 years
  • Food/Cargo Truck/Trailer, Other Light Duty Commercial Use / All other installation types: 1 year
  • Heavy Duty Truck and/or Trailer Commercial Use / Installation by Boogey Lights technicians in Florence, KY: 1 year
  • Heavy Duty Truck and/or Trailer Commercial Use / All other installation types: 90 days

Note on Commercial Applications: These low-profile surface mounted LED strips are not built to withstand significant flexing or lateral movement of the surface the strip is mounted to. Some examples include on semi-truck trailers as well as tow trucks where there is significant movement, bending or flexing of the surface to which the strip is mounted. Also, the strip can not mounted in such a way as they span multiple mounting surfaces. Mounting them this way will virtually guarantee the strip will fail sooner rather than later. These strips must be mounted to one single continuous smooth, clean, flat surface and in an area that is protected from corrosive chemicals. Commercial vehicles that frequently travel roads treated with corrosive chemicals often used for melting snow and ice can impact the durability of these LED strips if the strips are mounted in an area that is exposed to these chemicals. Hi-Intensity Strips that fail in these operating environments ARE NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. For these types of operating environments we strongly recommend (and warranty) our HEAVY DUTY LED strips.

View the complete limited product Warranty Terms & Conditions here
Roof perimeter RGB multi-color LED light kit for the trailer length configuration you select. Your choice of Black or White PCB.
RGB/Multi-Color Wireless RF + Bluetooth Combo RGB Heavy Duty Dual Zone LED controller with M7 Style wireless remote. This is a Dual Zone LED controller which provides the ability to segment your lights into two distinct zones. For this Food Trailer kit we recommend segmenting the LEDs such that half of them are assigned to zone one and the other half to zone two. See diagram on the Installation tab.
Optional: Mini T12 aluminum channels and diffusers.
20 Amp 120vac to 12vdc power converter.
Installation supplies includes wiring kit, 50' of feeder cable, 3M Adhesion Primer, 3M quick-lock, split wire loom.
Installation Manual and Wiring Diagram
Original owner warranty ranges from 1 to 3 years depending who does the installation. See warranty details below.
Return Policy Exception Notice. This kit subject to a 35% restocking fee due to the amount of time associated with producing this kit, shipping costs and the custom nature. See return policy for complete details.


Installation of this led light kit takes 6 to 8 hours depending on whether or not you're mounting the aluminum channels first. Also depends on where you mount the LED controller and power converter inside the trailer. You can download the Installation Manual directly from our website to get an idea of what's involved.

There are six different mounting locations in this kit and all of the power leads need to be carefully run up and over the side to the roof. The power leads need to be secured to the roof using zip tie mounts (3m tape + screwed in). We recommend putting some butyl tape too over every zip tie mount. A hole will need to be drilled in the roof to allow the power lead cables to enter the trailer and connect to the LED controller. The front three LED strips are wired to ZONE 1 on the LED controller. The rear three LED strips are wired to ZONE 2 on the LED Controller.

Tools and Supplies You May Need:   Ladder, power drill, hole saw drill bit (3/4" to 1") , wire cutters, wire strippers, crimping tool, electrical tape, rubbing alcohol, shop rags, extra zip ties, silicone sealant.

If you're installing our mini T12 aluminum channels (and then mounting your LED strips to that channel) you're also going to need either rivets (+ rivet gun) or sheet metal screws (+ screw gun). The length of the rivets/screws depends on the construction of your food trailer but generally, 1/2 " to 5/8" rivets/screws will work. We prefer large flange pop rivets over screws. If you opt for screws, make sure they're either flat head or round head (not hex or pan head).


Boogey Lights Food Trailer Light Kit Configuration Boogey Lights Food Trailer Light Kit Configuration Boogey Lights Food Trailer Light Kit Configuration Boogey Lights Food Trailer Light Kit Configuration Boogey Lights Food Trailer Light Kit Configuration