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Horse Trailer Under-Glow Light Kit

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UPC: 812928022787
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Horse Trailer w/Living Quarters Under-Glow Light Kit

Make your Horse Trailer stand out! Our impressively bright surface mounted hi-intensity LED light strips work well for all sorts of trailers including horse trailers; and horse trailers with living quarters in particular. With more super-bright LEDs per inch than any other surface mounted LED strip on the market, our LED strips are ideal for mobile lighting applications.

We encourage you to take the time to review the information we have assembled here before making your purchase decision. Yes, we realize it's a lot of reading but it's important to read these product details to achieve the look you want. Our lighting systems offer more options, features, customization and flexibility than you'll find anywhere else. Be sure to scroll down, expand each text group section and read the information presented. It's very thorough. Be sure to click on and review the information on the INSTALL tab too where we cover important installation considerations.


Based on our popular under-glow light kit for RVs, this LED light kit is designed to light the area under your trailer with a wide variety of colors you control. The optional goose neck add-on light kit will light the area under the gooseneck which can be both functional (e.g. white lighting) and decorative. This light kit is available in three different RGB multi-color configurations: RGB, RGBA, RGBW. Details about each of these lighting configurations are detailed below. The kit includes our Bluetooth + RF wireless DUAL ZONE Heavy Duty LED controller that allows you to set two lighting zones to create unique lighting effects. Zone one is typically the under-glow. Zone two is typically the goose neck area. Note: Product photo shows our awning light kit which can be added as well. This kit is currently configured to fit a tandem axle 30' horse trailer with living quarters. If however your horse trailer requires different sizing, use our BUILD YOUR OWN Horse Trailer Under-Glow LED Light kit. The kit can be customized to fit your specific application.


Bluetooth + RF Combo Wireless Control

The LED Controllers offered in this kit are our GEN2 Single Zone and Dual Zone Heavy Duty Bluetooth COMBO LED Controllers. COMBO means they can be operated using either the included M7 RF wireless hand held remote OR your Bluetooth enable smartphone (and our free APP). Both will work. The RGB version is capable of displaying 16 million different color combinations. The GEN2 RGBx version can display even more color combinations depending on the type of LED strips connected to them. In addition, lighting effects on the Bluetooth controller are significantly more controllable in terms of speed and intensity. Each color and lighting effect is controlled by "sliders" or a color square on your smartphone screen so you can adjust the speed and intensity to get the lighting the way you want it.

Key Features & Capabilities

  • Our GEN2 LED Controllers are based on the Bluetooth 5 chip set family which provide fast response times and the best possible RF/Bluetooth transmission distance.
  • The SUPER and HEAVY DUTY GEN2 Controller can support Single Color, RGB, RGBx and RGBxx LED strips with both RF and Bluetooth control.
  • The HEAVY DUTY controller versions include two antennas: a screw-on 2" stubby antenna and an extended magnetic mount antenna with 15' of wire for optimal reception on any vehicle.
  • Use the included RF wireless remote to quickly turn on/off/dim your Boogey Lights. You can also select up to 7 different preset colors using the RF remote as well as access 7 different lighting features.
  • Use your smartphone to operate your Boogey Lights®: On, Off, Dimming, Color Selection, Brightness, Speed, Color Programming, Timers
  • Adjust the color sliders or color square to select the color you want.
  • Access additional lighting features (e.g. strobing, flashing, breathing, morphing) modes using the 7 Function Keys.
  • Save your favorite lighting configuration using Pre-Sets
  • Countdown Timer and a 24 hour On/Off Timer function
  • Quick-Switch feature for use with RGBx LED strips.
  • Password protection to stop others from connecting to your LED controller.
  • Programmable Color Rotation mode offers the ability to program the controller to display two or three colors of your choice and then rotate those colors in sequence.
  • Assign a 'nick name' to your controller so you can easily find it when scanning.
  • Set the APP to auto-connect to your LED controller every time you launch the APP on your phone
  • DOWNLOAD the GEN2 LED Controller Operating Manual & Wiring Diagrams
  • DOWNLOAD the GEN2 Bluetooth Operating Manual
  • DOWNLOAD the GEN2 M7 RF Wireless Remote Operating Information
  • VIEW the GEN2 LED Controller Series Product Page
  • VIEW the GEN2 BLUETOOTH APP Information Page

What is RGB?

RGB stands for RED, GREEN, BLUE. Each LED chip on the strip contiains three diodes: One Red. One Green. One Blue. When paired with an LED controller, the mixing of those three primary colors can create up to 16 million different color combinations. For example, equal parts RED + GREEN + BLUE = WHITE (bright white, 6000 Kelvin temp). RGB leds are the most common leds due to their versatility in creating so many different color combinations.

What is RGB + WHITE (RGBW)?

On the RGBW led strip, in addition to RGB, you get one extra diode which is Warm White. That warm white diode has a Kelvin temperature of 2400 which means it has a yellowish look giving it a warmer, softer, candle like look (see photo below). That fourth diode on the RGBW led strip can be wired directly to our GEN2 LED Controller which supports RGBx LEDs. As an option, you could also wire that fourth diode to a completely separate on/off switch. Your choice. You could also use the Quick-Switch feature with this fourth diode too.

What is RGB + AMBER (RGBA)?

RGBA is a new type of LED strip we designed. It includes our core RGB tri-chip technology with the addition of a fourth diode that is AMBER. Designed primarily for motor vehicle applications, that fourth AMBER diode can be wired to a separate switch on the dash that allows you to quickly and easily turn on just the AMBER leds which meets DOT compliance regulations. Then, for those who want the flexibility to also be able to display up to 16 million other color combinations using our RGB LED Controller, they can do that too. RGB + A provides the best of both worlds. Note that due to the addition of that fourth diode, the RGBA LED strip is wider than our standard tri-chip LED strips.  They're 11/16" wide (vs 1/2" for the tri-chip strips). For additional information including product specs, click the SPECS navigation tab on this product page.


We offer the option of pre-building the LED Control Center with your order. These LED Control Centers make for a professional looking installation. Also makes the installation a little easier for DIYers since the controller wiring is neatly organized and easily identifiable. It's also a huge time saver. Can easily save two hours (or more) when doing a typical installation.

The pre-built Control Center has the LED Controller and power connections mounted to a PVC board. The power connections make it simple to connect your battery power as well as the LED strip power leads via a terminal blocks mounted to the board. Simply strip the end of the battery lead cable and LED strip power leads, push them into the terminal block and tighten the screw. This design also makes trouble shooting easier. The board has four 2" stand offs with plexi-glass mounted on top which keeps the components protected. You can read more about this option on the LED CONTROL CENTER product page. We include some photos below. The LED Control Center option is only available when an LED Controller and/or relays are ordered.

Click to See Some LED Control Center Examples


No two installation scenarios are the same. Not everyone shares the same installation quality goals. Some folks are OK with twisting wires together, others want to solder them. Some folks are OK with running wires where they may be seen or unprotected to save money/time, others want a tidy, clean install without any wires showing. Some folks are OK with mounting their LED strips to whatever surface they can find, others want to take the time necessary to build out appropriate mounting surfaces to provide the best lighting effect on their vehicle. The point is it's not possible to provide all the materials necessary for all installation scenarios and quality goals. Our light kits provide the essential components needed for a high-quality, functioning lighting system. Installation of our light kit to your specific vehicle may however require additional items to make it look and fit the way you want. This is particularly the case with electrical wiring and mounting of LED strips. Before proceeding with your installation we suggest you consider THESE OTHER ITEMS.


Under-Glow RGB, RGBA or RGBW multi-color LED light kit with 8 lighting segments and 1120 LEDs designed to fit a 30' tandem axle trailer. See INSTALL TAB for quantities, lengths and placement. Note: Photo shows optional awning light kit which can be added.
GEN2 RGBx/Multi-Color Wireless RF + Bluetooth Combo RGB Heavy Duty Dual Zone LED controller with M7 Style wireless remote. This is our GEN2 Dual Zone LED controller which provides the ability to segment your lights into two distinct zones.
Optional gooseneck under-glow light kit add-on.
Installation supplies includes wiring kit, feeder cable, 3M Adhesion Primer, 3M quick-lock, split wire loom.
Installation Manual and Wiring Diagram
Original owner 3 year warranty provided the installation instructions are followed. Details below.
Return Policy Exception Notice. This kit subject to a 35% restocking fee due to the amount of time associated with producing this kit, shipping costs and the custom nature. See return policy for complete details.
Warranty Information

Will Boogey Lights® Work with Other Brands?

The short answer is probably not. All Boogey Lights® RGB LED strips are COMMON CATHODE LEDS. They share a common ground and will only work with positively switched controllers. Most LED strips on the market today are COMMON ANODE because the controller technology used to power them is less expensive to manufacture. However they're not nearly as bright and are an overall inferior design when compared with COMMON CATHODE LEDs. For more information, click the button below.

Will Boogey Lights® Components Work with Other Brands?


Installation of this led light kit takes 6 to 8 hours depending on whether or not you're installing the Gooseneck light kit as well. You can download the Installation Manual directly from our website to get an idea of what's involved.

For the trailer under-glow portion there are eight different mounting locations in this kit and all of the power leads need to be carefully run up up to the front of the trailer where we mount our LED controller. In some cases it might be necessary to add some aluminum flat bar if the bottom of your trailer doesn't have a suitable smooth, flat mounting surface. If you're adding the gooseneck lights, there are four additional LED strips that need to be mounted under the gooseneck area. The LED strips mounted under the trailer are typically wired to ZONE 1 on the LED controller. The gooseneck area LED strips are typically wired to ZONE 2 on the LED Controller. See diagram below for placement.


  • 2 - 16' LED strips w/15' power leads
  • 2 - 8' LED strips w/15' power leads
  • 2 - 4' LED strips w/15' power leads
  • 2 - 2' LED strips w/15' power leads


  • 1 - 6' LED strip w/10' power lead
  • 1 - 4' LED strip w/10' power lead
  • 2 - 2' LED strips w/10' power lead

The LED controller is mounted on the wall underneath the gooseneck. This is usually where the house batteries are located.

Boogey Lights Horse Trailer Light Kit Configuration
Boogey Lights Horse Trailer Light Kit Placement Diagram